What is backlink in seo how to create quality backlinks

SEO means search engine optimization is an important part of the blogger’s life. You know very well that there are many parts of the SEO. And today we will talk about a significant part of SEO “backlink”. Today we will give you full info about what is backlink and why it is necessary for SEO. And how to create quality backlinks so that you can increase the traffic of your blog.

Yes, it’s true that backlink is the most important thing to get the best ranking in the search engine because it shows the blog’s popularity.

Most new bloggers are very troubled to make backlinks. They also try to make backlinks, many times, and thus they waste their valuable time and even do not get any benefit. Even if they made some backlink, they do not have any special benefit to them.

And then they are mostly upset, why we are not getting any benefit from our backlinks.

But try to understand that there is a way to do every work. And in the same way, there is a way to create backlinks. (Whose information we will give you in this article) that will not waste our time and we can also create quality backlink and it will be beneficial for us.

What is backlink and how to create quality backlink

What is backlink in SEO and how to create quality backlinks?

What is backlink?

The definition of backlink is very simple. When a URL of our blog is on another website, it is called a backlink. Like if we put a URL of your blog in any of our articles, you will get a backlink from our blog.

Or suppose that if you write an article and insert a link of another blog in your article, then that blog will get backlinks from your blog.

But this does not mean that if you put your blog’s URL in your article, you will get the backlink.

Well, if any, link to your blog is on any blog/website then it will be counted in the backlink. But remember that you can not get any benefit from every backlink because they are there are many types of backlinks.

Some backlinks are harmful to blogs. Some backlinks are beneficial for blogs. All of this depends on the quality of backlinks.

Types of backlinks

There are many types of backlinks you should know about it because it can help you to increase traffic to your blog.

There are some backlinks that are beneficial for our blog
So there are some backlinks that can also make the best ranking of our blog useless. And some backlinks are like this, whether they exist or not, this does not cause any benefit or loss to the blog.

Do follow backlink

Do follow backlink mean site owner allowed to follow your link by search engine well if anyone adds any link in the blog, then they have not to do anything, your blog will get automatically do-follow backlink.

And as far as the matter is nofollow backlink, so I want to tell you that there is a considerable difference between nofollow and do follow backlink.


No follow backlink

No follow backlink is like do follow (Dofollow backlink makes your ranking better in search engines). But the nofollow backlink will not benefit your blog. But do not worry, there will be no harm.

These are links that other blogs/site owners have added to the nofollow tag in their blogs.

What is no follow backlink and how to create quality backlink easily

Bad/Spam backlink

Such backlinks are very harmful to blogs, such backlinks can make your blog’s ranking worse than the better.

What is backlink and why backlink is important for blog/website?

Backlinks are largely responsible for the ranking of our blog in the search engine. However, it cannot be said that the search engine ranking is dependent 100% on backlinks. Because many things and processes are responsible for better ranking such as content quality, content length, keywords, etc.

But all of them have a big role of backlink and when the quality and quantity of the backlink of our blog increases, the ranking of our blog also gets better in the search engine.

We just have to make some backlinks in the start and we can easily make about 1k-5k backlinks. And then if you are doing a good job on your blog, you probably will not need to make backlinks.

Because after blogging about 1 month on the blog, blogs may start to receive about 400-500 traffic daily, and then by the activity of our users, our blog will start getting backlink.

If you work hard, the traffic of your blog will increase every day And when your blog will get 1k + traffic every day, your backlinks will grow even faster.

No matter how detailed the article is written, it is very difficult to get a good position in the search engine without the backlink.

You will see a lot of other articles which are a very good position in the search engines despite being a low-quality article.

It would be interesting to know that backlinks have a major role in it. Yes, qualityless articles can also get a good ranking in the search engines if you have strong backlinks

And if you do not have quality backlinks, even high-quality content can also be a problem in getting good positions in the search engine.

Hope you understood Backlink is the most important thing

So I hope now you know about the power of backlink And you may have even realized how important backlink is for the future of your blog and today in this article we will help you to create quality backlinks.

If you are an experienced blogger then for you creating quality backlink is too much easy. But if you are a beginner then it can be hard for you because you have no idea about it that what is the best way to create a quality backlink.

But don’t worry, we will give you full information about it, how you can create quality backlinks So that the position of your blog in the search engine can be better.

Because better ranking can give you more traffic and you know that the more traffic is a great success.

One of the biggest things is that backlinks are not created, but they become themselves, Always remember one thing that you cannot achieve success by making backlinks manually.

Because you should know that you cannot make too many quality backlinks by manually working. But now it does not mean that you buy paid backlink.

Yes, but it is true that we can create some backlinks by working manually, which will be like the foundation of our blog.

I will tell you such a way that you will save a lot of your valuable time, and you will also create quality backlinks for your blog.

And the biggest thing is that through this process, your blog can get backlinks per day and the contents of your blog will also be promoted.

How to create a quality backlink?

These are the methods I use to make backlink. I do not use any other way than this, because using other methods is a waste of time. Well, I have tried all the ways, but there are only a few ways that are successful ways to make backlinks. But don’t worry, I will tell you every possible way to create backlinks.

100% true and successful ways to create quality backlinks without wasting time

Note: There are many sites that provide backlinks, avoiding them because such backlinks are harmful for the future of the blog

Check stats of your blog analyze your blog on the other website

If you search, you will find many such websites that will tell you about the site, such as how many backlinks of a site i.e. Backlink checker, How much traffic is coming to a site, meaning blog traffic checker, etc.

Such as – website value checker, DA PA checker, site value checker, site info checker, site age checker, site revenue calculator, site speed checker, SEO checker, etc.

You can easily get around 50+ sites like this, analyze your blog in all such tools, The more sites you analyze your blog, the more profit it will be

Just like- Hypestat.com, Alexa.com, Similiarweb.com, siteworthtraffic.com, seranking.com, visitordetective.com, webfx.com, siteprice.com, magnet.com, webuka.com, siteprice.org, websiteoutlook.com, smallseo.tools, checkwebsiteprice.com, mywebsiteworthchecker.com, similarvalue.com, webvalueinfo.com, coderduck.com, websitesworthcalculator.com, seojuicer.com, seodetective.com, cutestat.com, coolseotools.com, urlrate.com, hostingchecker.com, hostingchecker.com, etc.

There are many other similar types of websites that you can search yourself.

Although this does not mean that you will get a lot of backlinks immediately from this process but do not worry, this is a very good and easy way to create quality backlink for your blog.

Because it saves time, there is no fear of spam backlink and no account is required.

In truth, you can make a lot of backlinks in a short time in this way.

If you are very upset about making backlinks, then use this method In truth you can make a lot of backlinks in a short time.
If you want links to these types of sites, tell us in the comment, we will give you a complete list of such sites in another article.

Submission of every new article

When our blog is new, it is obvious that we cannot make too many backlinks very fast, but it is also true that without backlinks we cannot rank the content well in search engines.

So for good growth at the start of the blog, we have to do a great submission of all our new content, which will result in the search engines indexing faster by crawling our content, and will try to give a good position.

This will help you to increase traffic on your blog, following this process, the blog will grow very much in just 1 month.

What is content submission?

If you do not have enough time ignore Directory Submission and its related procedures and focus on your goals

Well, directory submissions are fine, but according to me, it’s just a waste of time. Because as long as we give time on directory submissions we can write some good articles.

But if you have enough time then you can do directory submissions I will not refuse you. But directory submission from my experience is just and just is time waste.

You can make your own decision about this, you take any popular blog yourself and see why and how it is so popular and you will know what you should do.
Just imagine, can anyone become successful/popular via directory submissions- Never.

Most new bloggers waste their time in other works like this, but in reality, they need to pay more attention to writing quality content.

Write high-quality content

Now you must have come across this question in your mind that after telling us how to create backlinks by writing quality content. I have already told you to write long articles. And here I am telling you the same because there are many advantages to write high-quality content.

Post your every new article to maximum social sites. You can search on google that what is the best way to write quality content.

Write guest posts

Well writing guest posts is a great way to make high-quality backlink. Because through this process, we can get backlink from the blog that is on the topic of our blog. And another good thing we can get traffic from that blog because the link of our blog will be linked to that article.

So if you want to create backlink by writing a guest post, you can start right now. But as far as I am concerned I have not written any guest posts yet.

And the reason for this is that as long as we waste time in writing articles for another blog. We can write articles for our blog, as a result, we can get max benefit more than guest post.
But the main reason is, I did not have time to write guest article.

If you have enough time then you can write guest article, This will be beneficial for you.

Comment on other blogs

Making backlink by commenting is the best and easy. This is the easiest way to create backlinks. So most people on popular blogs commenting only to make backlinks. Which is wrong because these comments look like spamming.

And due to this problem, most people disable the comment system on their blogs. And those who do not disable the comment system remove the system to add the URL to the comment. From which the commenter does not get any backlink.

So try to comment on such blogs on which you can submit the URL of your blog. As you can see here in the image.

how to create quality backlink by commenting


Use discussion (question-answers) forum just like quora

I hope you know what is the question-answer.

Question answer site is a better option for bloggers. Because not only can we make backlinks. But it will also give us traffic, and it is also very easy and we don’t have to do anything special for this.

Just select some of the best question answer sites on which you can answer the question. And according to me, just quora, yahoo answers, and answers are best and enough.

So, without delay, make an account on this and ask questions from the people And give the answer the questions of the people, as per the need, you can also add your links in the post.

Social engagement and activity

You will be familiar with social media, such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, etc.

Social sites are a very good option for bloggers because it provides traffic to our blog and also backlink.
Traffic sources of most new blogs are only social websites.

And why not, finally the whole world is connected to the social site. And it’s easy to manage social media sites too.

Create internal links

The internal link is not backlink, but for the good ranking of the post, the internal link is very important.

But what would be the point? This establishes a good relationship with all the articles in the blog.
Readers get links in your articles, links to your another article, so it is possible that readers can spend more time on your blog.
And yes, the most important thing is that you use internal links according to the subject and length of your article.

So that your internal links look user and content friendly, Yes content-friendly links are important to get better rank in search engines.

Add some other sites links into your blog posts

What, Yes, Must add some external links to all your posts as per your requirement. Not so much, if you add 5-10 external links to your blog post then it will be enough.

However, this is another thing that when you add another blog/website link to your blog post, your blog does not get backlinks Rather your blog gives backlink to the blog that you have linked to your blog.

But do not worry, this will also prove to be beneficial for you. Adding your blog to another site is as important as it is, the more important to add some external links to your post.

Do not be afraid this will not distract your blog traffic And it will help to improve your blog’s ranking in the search engine.

Yes, it is true that backlink is great for improving ranking in search engine. But there is a truth that adding external links also help us a lot. Because in this way, a connection between us and the other blogs is formed and it can help us a lot.

When our blog gets 1000 2000+ traffic every day, we will not need to make backlink because we will start getting automatic backlinks, our users’ activity will provide us backlinks.

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