How to delete Facebook Group

Among the best things of social media, the group is also quite a good feature, although the group feature is not available on every social media, but on large social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, have the group option with that You can connect with your group members and share anything with just a single click, … Read more

How to delete Facebook account

Facebook is a world’s most famous website Surely you must also use Facebook, and Facebook gives all the controls of your account, even you can permanently delete your Facebook account. And in today’s post, we will learn to Delete Facebook Account, Account Delete. Facebook’s users cannot delete their account immediately, after processing any Facebook … Read more

How to Create Facebook page

page is a very good service of Facebook because we get a lot more features than a normal account on it, and we also boost the post any of our Facebook pages. If you want to create a page, you must have a Facebook account. I hope you’ll have a Facebook account. If you are … Read more

How to create Facebook group

Create Facebook group, group create, Creating a Facebook group a few times ago was a little hard, what’s hard, hard was not, just a long process, but there were changes so that you could create your Facebook group in just a few simple steps. Facebook provides a lot of features to its users, one … Read more

How to change Instagram password

Changing the password of Instagram account is just like other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can change the password of your Instagram account very easily, but if you use the Instagram mobile app, you will not be able to change your password through your app, rather you will have to use a … Read more

How to change Gmail Profile Picture

Gmail is a service that we all use, even now that the Gmail account is very important for all android phones and all Google services, everyone can create their own Gmail account and also make settings, and today we’ll learn how to change the profile of the Gmail account profile. When you create your Gmail … Read more

How to change Facebook Password

Everyone knows that Facebook is the most famous site in the world and almost everyone using it, but together there is a high risk of hacking that has more traffic. Often the Facebook account of many people gets hacked because of their fault, Forgot Facebook password, change Facebook password. Sometimes our relatives, friends also know … Read more

How to block WhatsApp number

By the way, there is no need to block anyone on WhatsApp because WhatsApp is a social media app on which anyone can message you, only if they have your mobile number. And of course, your mobile number will only be with your family members, friends, relatives, but if someone has found your mobile number … Read more