How to delete tweets

We all use Twitter very much, We also tweets, and tweet means to post on Twitter, although mostly we do not need to delete our tweets, there are some conditions in which we need to delete our tweets. Twitter gives its users full control to manage their profile and tweets, if you have tweeted something … Read more

How to turn off twitter autoplay

If you have a twitter account, when you use Twitter, you may have noticed that videos and gifs are automatically played, even videos that you don’t want to see, Although there is no problem, just a little more data is wasted, but there is nothing to worry about you can turn off twitter autoplay. How … Read more

How to turn off YouTube notification

Surely YouTube is the favorite app of all because it gets videos of everyone’s choice but if you are upset with YouTube notifications you can also turn off its notifications. However, notifications are for our convenience only, so that we get information about important activities very easily and we can reach that activity through those … Read more

How to tweet on Twitter

Twitter is a very famous social media site and it has attracted you too because now you have also become interested in tweeting, although tweeting is very easy maybe you are a beginner so you are having problems with it. No problem, you can learn to tweet on Twitter through this article, by the way, … Read more

How to Download Chrome extension

Chrome is the world’s most used browser and the most secure. Chrome provides its users with a lot of features that are in the form of extensions. Just have to add them to your chrome browser, that is, install, and then the extension feature will be active in your chrome. You can install any extension … Read more

How to hide WhatsApp status

By default, when you post any WhatsApp status, all your WhatsApp contacts can see your status, however, it will be deleted after 24 hours, if you want, you can delete it even before that but deletion is not a permanent solution. Because in such a situation your status gets deleted for everyone, but if you … Read more