How to delete google history

Are you a Google user, do you use Google’s services such as Google search, YouTube, etc. If you’re a Google user, you should take care of your data because Google creates the history of your activity, because in such a situation anyone can check your history very easily, what you used on the web, what … Read more

What is email

Email is one of the most required things on the Internet because almost all online tasks require Email id, whether it is using social media or any other online task. If you don’t have an email account and you want to create, you can create your Email account by getting information from here, how to … Read more

What is ABS

Whether it is a Bike or car or any other vehicle, all vehicles are very common at the moment because at this time there are a lot of vehicles [enough vehicles] everywhere and if we talk about their safety features, there are many safety features and one of them is ABS, If you are planning … Read more

What is iPhone

iPhone falls under the best and top-class category, do you know the full form of the iPhone, because many people have wrong knowledge about iPhone words in which they understand the meaning of I in iPhone as something else. Because the I in iPhone was officially told when iMac was launched and at this time … Read more

What is JBL

If you are a music lover and you like to use headphones, sounds, then you must have definitely heard the name of JBL or you can see JBL word on many DJ systems. What is JBL Full form of JBL – James Bullough Lansing JBL stands James Bullough Lansing, who was an audio engineer, their … Read more

What is ok

If someone has said OK to you on any of your reactions or something, then it cannot happen that someone does not understand the meaning of OK, if someone says OK then it is obvious that the person agrees with you. What is OK Full form of OK – All Correct from Oll Korrect We … Read more

What is RAM

Random-access memory is the full form of Ram, which everyone knows only by the name of Ram. Probably very few people will know about the full form of Ram and about the founder of RAM, don’t Worry everything is defined below. Ram is such storage that serves to run the programs of mobile/computer because as … Read more

What is Robot

Many people face the name Bot/robot etc. regularly, whether it is on social media, on TV, or in a game and especially since the Pubg has launched, most people know Bot/robot words because even in games there are robots. So first of all, understand that both robot and Bot are not different things, both are … Read more

What is RIP

RIP is a word that is often tagged on social media but most people have no idea about RIP. Even 80% of people tagging RIP on social media do not know the full form of RIP, just people understand what purpose RIP is used for and then start tagging, and one of them is RIP, … Read more