How to Delete YouTube History

We often use a lot of websites and apps and one of them is top website and app YouTube. And YouTube stores all our data such as likes, comments, history, and YouTube also gives us their controls, Delete YouTube History.

That means we can delete our YouTube history as per our wish. But if you do not like the YouTube history system, you want YouTube not to create your history, then you can also disable it.

We have told you in another article about to delete and disable google search history and also mentioned to disable YouTube history in it, you can read it and pause your YouTube history if you want. After which the history of your watched YouTube videos will not be made.

But I recommend that you don’t disable YouTube history because YouTube history also proves to be very helpful to us, but if you wish, you can undoubtedly delete your YouTube history.

You can delete and disable your YouTube history with this post, and you can also delete or disable your YouTube search history if you want.

How to delete YouTube history

First, go to
Click on the history on the left side, your YouTube histories will appear, move the cursor over whatever you want to delete and click on the cross mark, your YouTube history will be deleted.

 Youtube histoy ko delete karne ke liye history par click kare

But if you want to delete all your YouTube histories at once, then click on CLEAR ALL WATCH HISTORY on the right side
Click on CLEAR WATCH HISTORY to confirm, the entire search history of your YouTube account will be deleted.

How to delete youtube history at once

If you want to delete the search histories also, then mark the search history on the right side, all your search history will be displayed, cursor move on any search history you want to delete, to delete entire search history at once click on the CLEAR ALL SEARCH HISTORY.

How o delete youtube search history

How to delete youtube history in android phone

Deleting YouTube history, even on the phone is very simple just follow these steps

Click on the library and click on the history

How to delete youtube history on mobile

Click on the three dots of whichever history you want to delete and click on remove from watch history, your history will be deleted.

Click on remove from your watch history

How to delete YouTube history at once

First, open your YouTube app and click on your name profile picture in the right top

Click on your profile picture

Click on History & privacy after clicking on the Setting
Now from here you can also delete and disable your YouTube watch and search history.

How to delete mobile YouTube history at once

By clicking on Clear watch history, you can delete your entire watch history at once and if you also want to delete search history, you can delete your YouTube history by clicking on clear search history, Delete YouTube History, Delete YouTube History.

And if you don’t want YouTube to create your future histories, click on pause watch history, similarly you can disable search history, Delete YouTube History.

Key points

How to delete YouTube history permanently from Google account?

If you delete your youtube history from youtube application also then it gets deleted permanently yes but if you want apart from this, permanently stop your youtube history for this you can go your youtube application. Go to setting by clicking on profile picture and going to history click on puase history and click on ok

How to delete YouTube history without an account?

If you are not logged in to YouTube then there is no need to worry because YouTube will not create your history in this condition. 

How to delete YouTube history permanently from Google account

How to delete YouTube search history

How to delete YouTube watch history

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