Your connection to content site is not secure

Your connection to this site is not secure is a very common problem that people often face and people think that there is something wrong with their device while it does not happen at all because it is mainly due to some kind of problem. This happens due to a glitch in the website and if you are the admin of that website, then you can sometimes panic because of this but you do not need to panic at all because the problem is very common and you can do it very easily. can remove from.

However, if on any site you are getting to see your connection to this site is not secure, then you can still open that site but Google Chrome prevents us from going to that website because if you use that site. If you do, you can also become a victim of hacking to some extent, which is why Google Chrome does not allow any of its users to visit any such website which is not safe for the users.

Why is your connection to this site is not secure and what is it

If you are a normal internet user, then you may not understand the following things because this is an important aspect related to the security of the website, but if you are a website admin then you can understand it very easily and you will have to connect with your website. This problem should be resolved as soon as possible because if this problem persists for a long time then it can affect your website ranking.

The notification of your connection to this site is not secure is mainly seen when SSL ie Secure Socket Layer is not implemented on any site or due to some error SSL is disabled, after which the data of users is hacked. Because SLS is such a layer of security that protects the user from various types of malicious attacks, and when SSLC is not implemented on that website, Google Chrome notifies its users to visit this website. is not secure and you get a notification that your connection to this site is not secure.

But if you use a smaller or less popular browser except the big browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, then you will probably not get the warning of your connection to this site is not secure because most of the smaller browsers do not pay attention to your security rather They direct you to the website you have opened but we would suggest you to use big browsers like google chrome browser or firefox because they only take you to the secure website and if these browser find any such website which If it can harm you in any way, it will alert you before that this website may be dangerous.

How to open not secure website in Chrome

However, if you get an alert of your connection to this site is not secure, then you can still open that website but directly Google Chrome blocks its access, but if you still want to visit the site, then use this method

  1. First of all open that website in your Google Chrome browser
  2. Now you will get an alert that your connection to this site is not secure and just below that you will get the option of Advance, click on it and click on Proceed to, although that website is not safe in the eyes of Google but still if you visit that website If you want to visit, you can reach the website through advance.

How do I fix this connection is not secure in Chrome

If you are a user and you are seeing this problem on someone’s site, then you cannot remove that problem, but only the admin of that website can solve this problem, for which the admin of that website has to fix his problem. SAL error on website needs to be fixed

Your connection to this site is not secure WordPress

This is a very common problem in any website, and there are many free SSL providers, if you have not implemented SLS on your website yet, then implement any SLS on your website now but if you already have SSL and suddenly this problem started coming on your site then it means that due to some reason SLS has been disconnected or disabled from your website which you have to fix and then this problem automatically Will go away

And to overcome this problem, you have two methods, the first way is to implement SSL on your website, whatever you can implement it on your website for free and the second way is that you can implement SSL on your website. But use the content delivery network and use the SSL provided by it.

Your connection to this site is not secure Chrome

Yes, you will see this problem mainly in Google Chrome browser because it is the most secure web browser in the world and it prevents you from visiting any website which it finds weak from security point of view.

What to do if your connection is not secure to this site error on any website

In every situation you have only two paths and here also there are only two paths, the first is to avoid visiting that website and the second is when visiting the site, and it is most important for you to know that in which condition you should When you should and should not visit the website, and if you visit then what you should not do on such websites because if you do not have the right information about it then you can also become a victim of hacking.

  • First of all, you should avoid such websites on which the warning of your connection to this site is not secure.
  • But if there is a government or any trusted website on which you can trust, then you can go to that website by clicking on Advance and clicking on Proceed To
  • And if you visit the website, until you do not see https in the URL bar, do not enter any such information, which can be lost due to theft, such as credit card, debit card number, password etc. because when you When you visit any site in which you have been given a warning that your connection is not secure to this site but even then you visit the site on that day, the URL bar will show http instead of https and when https is shown then Make sure that website is secure 

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