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If you are a wordpress user i.e. if you have a wordpress blog then you can manage your blog by login to your blog but if you are not able to log in to your wordpress blog due to some reason then your problem is solved below. There is a different method for WordPress.com users and if you have installed WordPress on hosting then there is a different way for that and both of them are mentioned below.

WordPress login wordpress.org

TaskWebsite/Blog management
WordPress Login
Wp Admin LoginEnter wp-admin with your domain

WordPress Login process

  • Go to wordpress.com and click on login button enter your email account on which you have wordpress account and continue enter your password
  • Now enter your WordPress account password and login
  • If you have forgotten your password then click on forget password below and enter your email account a login link will be sent by wordpress to your email account click on it, then you create new password for your wordpress account and continue you your wordpress will be able to login to the account
  • But if you have been troubled by the problem of logging into your WordPress account again and again and the problem of forgetting the password, then you can simply go to WordPress, click on the log button and continue by entering your email account and then click on the send login link. do
  • A link will be sent to your email account from WordPress, by clicking on which you will be able to login to your WordPress account and for that you will not even have to enter your password and remember that that WordPress login link will be valid only for one time. After that you will not be able to login using that link

So in a way login to wordpress is not a big problem just follow the above procedure and you will be able to login to your wordpress and apart from this there is no other way to login in word yes but if you have used wordpress If installed on any hosting then it can be a bit complicated for you to login because logging in in that condition completely depends on your WordPress domain and you can even create custom login page for that.

WordPress WP admin login

If you have just installed your new WordPress blog, then you might not understand that from where you will be able to login to your WordPress blog, then the first solution you have is that when you install WordPress on a host. the installation details are sent to your email, which also contains the login link of your WordPress blog, all you have to do is first open your email and open your mail which is of WordPress installation and you will get the login link in it. By clicking on it, you have to enter the username and password of your WordPress installation, after that you will be able to login to your WordPress blog.

But maybe if you did not get any match or there is any other problem and you are not able to install in your WordPress blog then try this method

WP admin login page

For all custom WordPress installations we get the default admin login URL which is wp-admin.

  • That is, the admin login page URL of your blog will be something like this: apsole.com/wp-admin/
  • Just replace apsole.com with your domain and enter wp admin with your domain exactly as shown above example.com/wp-admin/
  • Doing this will take you to the wp admin login page of your blog just enter your username and password there and you will be able to log in if you don’t remember your username and password then open the mail that came after your wordpress installation Or if you want, you can also change your password by entering your username.

Hiding wp admin page

And after you have installed your WordPress blog and found your default wp admin login page then it is also necessary for you to change your default admin login page because if you don’t do this then anyone can access the login page and he can also try to login.

For this, first you have to go to your WordPress blog and install WPS Hide, by going to settings you will get the option of Custom WP Admin Login Page, create custom login page as you want. Also remember it because if you forget it then you too will not be able to login to your WP admin i.e. WordPress blog dashboard.

WP admin login not working | wp admin login 404 error

This problem of WordPress login happens to a lot of people and it mainly happens when they create their custom wp admin page and forget its url or because of some other error the custom page doesn’t work. The condition looks very scary but it is not at all it is very common problem you can solve it very easily just follow the process and you will be able to access your wp admin login page very easily.

  • By the way, WPS Hide is the most famous for creating WP Admin custom page but if you do not use it and use any other plugin it doesn’t matter You can solve this problem by the same process.
  • First of all you have to go to your hosting panel and by going to file manager you have to access your host’s file
  • Now you have to go to the public html file you can use this navigation for this public_html>wp-content>plugins
  • Through this navigation, you will reach your WordPress, you will see all the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress blog, now scroll down the page and at the bottom WPS Hide plugin will appear which you have installed in your blog. Delete it and if you use any other plugin to hide your wp admin page then you have to find that plugin and delete it
  • After deleting this plugin open a new tab and first delete the cache data of your browser and open your website and enter wp-admin/ together, you will get the wp admin login page of your wordpress blog and You can login by entering your username and password.

Note: This only happens when you accidentally take an action in your WordPress blog about that you do not have any idea and or during plugin update this error comes or something else, the solution for all of them is that you go to your hosting panel, go to the plugins directory and remove the plugin that you use to hide the wp admin login page of your wordpress blog.

And when you again access the wp admin page of your wordpress blog and login to your wordpress blog then you have to install wps hide plugin in your wordpress blog again and hide your wp admin login page there is nothing to be afraid, if you install that plugin again, then there will be no problem, install that plugin without worry and hide your login page, just take care that Remember that custom page so that you can access your blog’s admin login page.

Frequently asked questions

WP admin login 404 error?

wp admin login 404 error you will see when you want to login to your wordpress blog and login URL will be wrong, although default login url of all wordpress blog is wp-admin but there is also option to hide it. and if you have changed the default admin login page of your WordPress blog then WP Admin will not work on your blog and you will have to enter the same URL that you created the custom URL.

Wp admin login link?

The default login link for all WordPress blogs is wp-admin/

Wp admin login not working?

If you still have default admin login link in your WordPress blog then you will not have any problem but if you have created custom admin login link of your WordPress blog then you have to remember that the same link will work for login if you enter any other link you will see an error.

But if you have entered the correct admin login url and still not working then you should remove that from your hosting panel from which plugin you have created your custom WordPress login link, its process is given above.

Wp admin failed login?

If you are seeing too many failed logins in your WordPress blog, then it means that you have not yet hidden your WP admin login page due to which anyone can access your blog’s admin page and login. In such a situation, first of all, you have to hide your WP Admin login page so that you do not have to face this problem.

And if you are very serious and afraid about your wp admin page then you can use google recaptcha as well as hide your wp admin login page, google recaptcha will protect your login page to a great extent Because in such condition bots will be completely out from your login page as no bot can solve google captcha.

More Complicated situation?

Well the above information is enough for you and you will not have to do anything more than this you will be able to easily access your wordpress blog and wp admin login page and wordpress login but suppose if something like this happens that you are not able to access your wordpress blog or wp admin login page then you should contact your hosting provider about this they will solve your problem very easily just call your hosting provider or live chat Whatever option is provided by your hosting provider and let them know about your problem they will fix your problem in just few moments.

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This information was about WordPress login wordpress.org, wp admin page error, how to login in wordpress blog, etc. I hope it will help you a lot.

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