Why server is down

Server down of a website or application is a very common thing that people often have to face, and people do not have any special idea that what is this server down and why it happens, and due to its down. What is the effect, and if you are an internet then it is very important for you to be aware of this, because when you have this information you will be able to understand if a website is very down, what could be the reason for it, and its When you use it, you will not have to face the problem of server down.

what is server down

Server down is a condition of a server when that server stops responding, which can be due to many reasons and the main reason for server down is the increase in traffic, and the rest is due to server down. The reason is that it comes very rarely, because other problems are handled by the technical team of the server company, but if the capacity of the computer server is not increased, the technical team also does not handle the problem of server down due to increase in traffic. can do

All websites are installed on a single server and it has a certain capacity of the server, that how many people can use the website installed on that server at a time, and if more than that certain limit people visit the server of that website. If you do, the server of that website goes down, and that website becomes completely invisible on the internet i.e. whenever the server of someone’s site is down, no person can access that website because That website goes offline during that time.

why is the server down

Server down due to many reasons such as increased traffic on the website beyond the capacity of the server, server software crash, server hardware failure

how to fix server down problem

If a server is down because its hardware is damaged or the operating system software has crashed, it may need to be repaired, but this is very rare, with most servers down simply because of overload. And the site whose server is going down should consider increasing its server space so that the website can handle more traffic.

How to access website when server is down

If a website is closed due to server down, you cannot access it under any circumstances because whenever the server of any website is down, the website goes completely offline whereas you can access only that website. can be online

What happens when a server goes down

The website of that server goes down, due to which the user has to face problems, and at the same time the owner of that website also suffers.

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