why is my android phone using so much data all of a sudden

If you use Android Phone or Computer, definitely you must be using Internet in it, do you ever feel that my Net ends quickly, and why Net is ending so quickly, by the way, you have to do it every day. Sufficient amount of mb is available in the sim, if used properly, the internet will not end in a day, but the internet speed is so high that people do not even know that the net has ended so soon.

Whether you are a student or a business man, everyone faces the problem that the net ends quickly, because the studies of the students have become online in today’s time, and due to the early end of the net, it becomes difficult for them to study. Apart from this, there are many things that we cannot do without Net, for that it is necessary to have Net, to run as much as we get daily Net, some of it ends without Net, and many more. There is a reason due to which your net ends quickly, if you also have this problem, definitely read the article from beginning to end, in this many tips and tricks have been told to prevent you from ending the net early.

Why my data is finished so fast

If your Internet ends quickly, what can you do for it, due to which your Internet does not end quickly, and even after using it for a whole day, your Internet is saved, do you also want a solution for this, what to do? There can be many reasons for the net ending quickly, you have to know those reasons how the net is ending quickly, for this you have to optimize your phone, by doing this you will know about your phone. How the Internet ends quickly, there are many ways to optimize the phone, we will know about all one by one, how we have to save the net in our phone, so let’s start one by one through heading.

Turn off Unknown File Downloading

If you run the net, many times you must have noticed that some unknown file gets downloaded in your phone, which you do not know about, this can also be a reason for the internet to end quickly, when you are on any website. When you visit some website, its app starts getting downloaded automatically, due to which your internet usage starts, or sometimes it happens that unknowingly some unknown file gets clicked from you to download, you will get these things Take special care that when you run Net, no file can be downloaded without your permission, so that you do not have to turn off the notification of your Internet browser or other Internet-using application that is saving your Internet.

Many times it happens that people hide the notification of their Internet-using application, they do this so that the notification coming from it does not disturb them without any work, but when you keep hiding their notification, you If you download any file from the Internet, you will not see the status bar above, that you are downloading something and when it is downloaded, it will appear in your file.

If your notification is also hidden, whenever an unknown file starts downloading, it will not appear in the status on your phone, and unknown file will be downloaded, you can also prevent unknown file from downloading by keeping the notification on.

Adjust Video Quality (YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc)

If you are constantly using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and twitter in your phone, and even if the setting of those applications is not correct, your Internet may end quickly, you should take care of all these things while using Internet. Should be kept if you want to run the net for a long time

If suppose you have to run more YouTube in your phone, and your net ends quickly, what should you do to run YouTube for a long time, if you do not know, play YouTube and Net too You can set the video quality of YouTube so that it does not cost much.

Sometimes it happens that when you play YouTube, the quality of your YouTube video is auto, the way your net speed will decrease, the video quality will decrease, and as soon as the net speed is fast, the video quality will be high. And when YouTube video plays at high quality, a lot of net is consumed due to which your internet ends quickly, in order to save net from ending quickly, you should watch your YouTube video at low quality if you want. You can set the quality of YouTube’s video to 360p, so that you will see the video clearer and the Internet will also end less.

So by setting the video quality of YouTube in this way, you can save the net from ending quickly.

Turn off Video AutoPlay if Net ends quickly

Net ends quickly, one reason for this can also be Video AutoPlay, if your phone also has the setting of AutoPlay on, you can also save Net from ending by turning off this setting, if you run facebook then many You must have noticed that when you play a video, and watch it, the video below is already loaded for a few seconds, as soon as the page is down, that video starts playing for a few seconds. Even after the net is closed, in such a situation, you can save some net from ending by turning off Facebook’s autoplay.

If you want to turn off the autoplay of your Facebook, you can learn it by clicking on the given link.

Turn on Data Saver

By turning on the data saver, you can reduce the amount of internet in your phone, you keep many internet-related applications installed in the phone, and some apps are already with the system, some of these apps are there. When you do internet on, that app starts running in the background of your phone and net is used in it too, due to which more net consumption starts.

If you want, you can also close the application running in the background by turning on the data saver in your phone, it is on from your phone setting, the phone setting option is different in every phone, but you can set it in all the phones. Because everyone’s process is done in the same way, we have oppo’s phone, we tell in this how to do data saver on, any phone you have, you can learn it and set it in your phone too.

  • First of all you have to open the setting of your phone.
  • In setting you have to click on dual sim & mobile network option
  • When you click on dual sim & mobile network option, you will see the option of Data Saving.
  • Or you can access Data Saving Option by searching by typing Data Saving in the search of Phone Setting.
  • You have to click on Data Saving Option
  • Inside the Data Saving Option, you will see the option to enable Data Saving, on which you have to turn it on by clicking on it.
  • As soon as the Data Saving setting is turned on, the applications that use the Internet will start appearing in your phone.
  • You have to stop all the applications from running in the background of the phone, that application has to be turned off from there.
  • In this way, the apps running in the background of your phone will not be able to run from now on and will not use your internet either.

Check from data usage that for which task more data is being used, close it

If the Net is running out in your phone quickly, you can analyze in your phone which app is consuming more Net, or we can say that we can ckeck the data usage, which More data is being used for the task, which can use more net, we can also turn it off.

  • To check data usage in mobile, first you open your phone setting.
  • Click on dual sim & mobile network option inside phone setting
  • After clicking on dual sim & mobile network option, you have to click on the option of using wi-fi & mobile network inside it
  • After clicking on using wi-fi & mobile network, you will see all the apps using internet, which are installed in your phone.
  • In the app you will see which app is using how much net
  • You have to click on the app which you find while using Net without unnecessary.
  • After clicking on the app, you will get three options inside it like close, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi & mobile data etc.
  • You have to click on the close option, which will stop running the net inside that application.

Uninstall unused apps that use data

Many apps will be installed in your phone, different apps for entertainment and different types of apps for work, in this way, there are many apps in your phone, which run using the Internet in your phone and many of them have such applications. Those who do not have any work, are still lying inside the phone in your phone, even installing the application without work in the phone consumes more in the net.

Because all the Internet-running applications, in your phone, they start running in the background of all the phones, when you turn on Internet data on your phone and those apps also keep using Net, so some Net So without unnecessary expenditure by them, in order to save net, you have to uninstall the unused app from your phone, so that it cannot run in the background of your phone and the consumption of some internet data is reduced.

In an article, you learned that the net ends quickly, how to save, we hope this information will prove to be useful for you.

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