What is YouTube monetization

If you want to become a youtuber and want to earn money by uploading videos on youtube, monetization is very important for you, because your income starts only after your youtube channel is monetized, because of youtube channel. Ads will be shown on your YouTube videos only after monetization, which will earn you income.

What is YouTube monetization YouTube.com

YouTube monetization is a process that is started manually by YouTube, and the YouTube monetization process is the same for all YouTube channels, for which a target is given by YouTube to all the channels and after the completion of that target. After that the channel can be applied for monetization, which will be manually checked by YouTube and if your YouTube channel follows the YouTube Monetization Guidelines, the monetization of your YouTube channel is started.

when youtube channel is monetized

There is no fixed time for monetization of youtube channel, and it may be that your youtube channel gets monetized in just 1 week or it may take 1 month to monetize your youtube channel, or else. It may take even 1 year, or it may take even longer, because there are many conditions for monetization of YouTube channel, and if your YouTube channel violates any of the conditions then your YouTube channel will not be monetized. Because YouTube channel monetization is a manual process, due to which the YouTube channel is checked manually, only then monetization is started.

If your YouTube channel fulfills these conditions for YouTube channel to be monetized, you will be able to monetize your network channel easily.

  • You must have at least 1000 Subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Must have a stay time of 4000 hours
  • Time does not matter at all for monetization of youtube channel, how old or new is your youtube channel.
  • In some conditions, even after 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours, the YouTube channel is not monetized, because the content of that YouTube channel does not follow the monetization guidelines of YouTube, so first you should read about the YouTube guidelines.

how to put ad on youtube

There are 2 ways to place an ad on a YouTube channel, the first of which is to have monetization enabled on your YouTube channel, and the second way is to use sponsorship, although there are many conditions for monetization of a YouTube channel and if If you fulfill those conditions, your YouTube channel will be monetized, but if you use sponsorship, you can use sponsorship without monetizing the YouTube channel, but in this your income will be based on that for YouTube videos if your If the YouTube video gets more views, the sponsor can pay you more and if you get less views then your payment will be less.

Money rain after youtube monetization

Often people think that after monetizing the YouTube channel, money will rain, but this is not the case at all, because if you monetize your YouTube channel in some way, but if your YouTube video does not get views. If you get then you will not have much income, so you will have to get at least 10000 views per day, only you will be able to make enough income that you get monthly payment, because the payment threshold of YouTube is $100 i.e. if you have $100 in a month Only then will you get the payment, otherwise you will get the payment in the next month by adding that payment and the next month’s payment.

In this article you learned what is youtube monetization and monetization meaning in english YouTube.com We hope this article will prove useful for you.

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