What is white hat seo, white hat seo techniques to increase blog traffic

If you’re a blogger or want to be a blogger, it’s definitely important for you to know about SEO. Because SEO is the most important part of blogging. If you are a beginner, first you need to know about normal SEO at Searchengineland / Moz.

Because if you know about the normal SEO, you will understand the white hat SEO very quickly here. What is white hat SEO, techniques of white hat SEO, It’s right or wrong to use it on blogs?

What is white hat SEO and what are the techniques of white hat SEO?

In my opinion, if you are following the legal process for your blog content, white hat SEO is nothing for you. But to become a successful blogger it is very important to know about black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

Because if we do not have information about white hat & black hat SEO, we can make some mistakes inadvertently so as a result, we can get a negative result in SEO. So let’s know about white hat SEO.

Why white hat SEO is important for a blog

White hat SEO is the only process through which we can rank our blog posts well in Google and in the other search engines. Because White Hat SEO is a legal process and is based on search engine rules.

And if you do not follow white hat SEO, there is no guarantee that your blog gets ranked well in search engines. Even after following the white hat SEO, there is no guarantee that your blog post will get a good rank in search engines. But yes, there are more chances to get a good rank after following it.

An article written without white hat SEO information can be fragile in the SEO.

What is white hat SEO?

You know very well that the blog’s success depends on the content of the blog. Although we can become a successful blogger without the techniques of white hat SEO, how much time it takes to get success, nothing is known.

If we do not know white hat SEO, we can also make some mistakes in such a way that we may be victims of spamming. Search engines can also penalize our blog.

In 2017 when I was a beginner and that time I just knew the information of the normal SEO and that too is not too much. That is, I could not write that time, SEO ready content.

So at that time, I used some tricks to writing content.

Although the trick was not told on the Internet anywhere and that trick was not for humans. It was just for machines like google, bing, Etc.
Even though the trick was invisible to humans. But I was also very sad using that trick because I knew it was wrong to do. But for faster results, I used that trick.

This trick was not told on the Internet anywhere, so I thought no one will catch this trick and traffic will increase on my blog too.

One thing I was not happy with this trick and a few days after that when I was reading deeply about Google’s search console guidelines. I found out many Google rules that I violated.

And then I edited all my 60-70 articles one by one and removed all those spam tricks. (Guaranteed that if I continued to use those spam tricks, search engines restricted my blog very quickly)

Since then, I have done many experiments till August 2018 and today I have so much information about SEO that I can make the new blog very popular in just one month.

What is white hat SEO?

Although I’ll give you complete information, know that you won’t get success from the white hat SEO alone. Rather for success, you need to follow all the techniques and rules of SEO. Because general SEO covers all the factors of search engines whereby a blog can achieve its goal very quickly.

If you wish you can learn White hat SEO only in one line. It simply means that whatever SEO’s positive factors are, we can call them white hat SEO.

All of them are white hat SEO, whatever the fact, the technique is in favor of SEO. If white hat SEO is exaggerated anywhere, it can only confuse you and nothing else.

Because when it comes to ranking in the search engine, the SEO was built. And then the merits of the SEO were divided into two main parts and the name positive facts were given to white hat SEO and negative facts to black hat SEO.

So let’s find out what are the factors you can apply to your blog as a white hat SEO. Well if you have a better knowledge of normal SEO, and you’re applying it on your blog without any mistake. You’re almost following white hat SEO, which is a good thing, you have to continue it.

But if you’re not doing this, apply these aspects of white hat SEO from today on your blog.

Enough and limited keyword density

If you know a little bit about SEO you will definitely know about the keyword. If you do not know, you can read this article. What is a keyword,

However, the person who has a bit of knowledge of SEO uses that keyword. But only when someone uses a perfect keyword density, it comes under white hat SEO. The keyword has a very big role in the search engine ranking, but how good or bad results will get depends on its density.

The main three conditions of keyword density are delicate, average and over. keyword density is considered 1-3% better.

But as far as my opinion about this. You can increase the density of your content keywords to some extent and because of this, you will not have any problem. If the density of your keyword is almost 1-2%, according to me, it is fragile. In which case your content will be far behind in the search engine.

You can use keyword density up to 2.5 – 4% without any hesitation, it is my guarantee that your content will not be considered spam.

But if your keyword density is more than this. It will be a bit risky and the search engines can also consider it as spam because you are using over keyword density. For more information you can read this article. What is a perfect keyword density for better ranking and how to use it.

Be truthful and write original content

There are many beginners who start writing articles immediately after creating a blog and that too without proper knowledge. It may be that they are also copying, or publishing by manipulating the content of others.

Often this happens when the beginners do not know much and for the fast earning, they copy others. Therefore, even if it takes some time to write the article, do not copy anything from anywhere.

Because if you copy the content from somewhere, you will definitely become a victim of black hat SEO. And if there is any activity on your blog that Google considers spam, that is, your blog is black hat SEO activity, Google can take action on your blog manually.

Yes, it is true that bots handle all the matters of blog/website in search engines like crawling indexing ranking. But when search engines/Google bots detect spam material in any blog/website, search engines/Google can take action on the blog manually as per the need, penalize our blog, even ban it.

Content size

So far, a lot of content has been written on all topics on the internet and regular articles are also being written. So it is possible that if you are writing an article on such a topic. A lot of articles have already been published on it.

And then in such a way, if the length of your content is concise, you will not get any special benefit from this article.

Because the first thing is that the length of our content is concise and a lot of articles have already been published on that topic on the Internet. So in such a way that we try to make our article as unique as possible. But our content will be similar to the content of others because the topic is the same.

Now it is appropriate that we increase the length of our content a little bit. But don’t forget the quality because the quality is greater than quantity and length.

Well, not much but try writing your content in 1500+ words.
Although length is important for white hat seo and good ranking, keep your content length limited otherwise your readers may also get bored with your content.

And increasing the length of the content does not mean that you write anything. But rather try to give the best information in your content.

By the way, if you try to give good information, the length of the content itself will increase. However, if the length of your content is very low. It does not mean that your content is a victim of black hat SEO. It’s just that the SEO of your content is very weak or you can say that your content is not following the white hat SEO.

And in many cases, short content also gets good ranking but this only happens when you work on a proper topic. One example of this is wpbeginner.com, its short length articles also keep very good ranking. However, this does not mean that multitopic content does not get a good ranking.

External and internal links

Internal and external links are very helpful in increasing the white hat SEO level of the content of any blog. But this does not mean that you spread a lot of links in the content of your blog.

We should add more appropriate links according to our content, which is always helpful for users. Like, suppose you wrote an article whose topic is “SEO”. So now try that in this whatever internal and external links you use, all of them should be on the topic of SEO.

In such a situation, your content becomes very much white hat SEO friendly. And if you use unrelated links from the content topic, it may not prove that much better for you. However, using unrelated internal, external links will not cause any problems.

But if you use related links related to the topic of the content. Your content can become more SEO friendly and you can say that your content is white hat SEO friendly.

Content setup

If we work hard and write a good article but do not setup the article fully, our content will not become very much SEO friendly.

But we have to make our article completely white hat seo-friendly, so we have to focus on the title, description, and images along with our content.

If you upload images from your computer to your blog post and direct publish, I want to tell you that you are missing a lot.

We also have to do the SEO settings of our blog images so that the search engine can read our blog images. If you do not optimize your images, understand that you will not get much benefit from it.

Although when you add images to your blog post, your content becomes SEO optimized to a great extent. And we have to make our content white hat SEO friendly, then we need to do SEO setting of our images. How to optimize images for search engines.

Title and description are very important parts of our content and we have to make them SEO friendly in any case so that article white hat can become SEO friendly.

Because the search engines show only the title and description of our content in their search results, you can understand how important it is to be “SEO” ready. How to create a White hat SEO friendly title and description.

content target

The target of our content means a lot for the future of our blog. If you are unknowingly working on the wrong target, it can also prove to be harmful to you.

The target of maximum beginners is only earning and search engine but it is wrong. Although it is a good thing to make the search engine its target, it is very important to target users before that.

We have to take care of both SEO and user interest, we cannot get success by targeting only one. As you see in any of our articles, I cannot say much about the SEO level. But as far as the content is concerned. Those who read my article are almost 100% satisfied because my content gives them a lot of unique information.

We can never get success by the focus on any one thing. For great success, we have to pay attention to SEO facts and also on user interest. We can say “SEO + user interest = White hat seo”

Therefore, before writing an article, try to collect white hat SEO and black hat Seo’s information.

If you want, you can learn it with the WebopediaWordstreamSearchenginejournal.

SEO has many techniques that are mainly under white and black hat SEO. But you cannot apply all techniques on your blog. That is, you have to avoid using techniques that are wrong.x

Because all bad SEO techniques fall under black hat SEO and if your blog is infested with black hat SEO, search engines can also ban our blog.

By the way, the person who really wants to get success will never use black hat SEO, he will always and only use white hat SEO. But suppose if ever it happens inadvertently that the search engine bans your blog, there is nothing to fear. You can bring your blog to the search engine again, just remove black hat SEO techniques from your blog and submit it for review.

I hope you have found full information about what is white hat seo. If you still have any doubt about it feel free to ask us.

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