What is WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Web meaning

WhatsApp is the world’s most used messenger but users face a lot of problem when they want to use WhatsApp on computer because WhatsApp cannot be used on computer, the reason is that WhatsApp is not available on mobile. But there are some other methods, using which you can use WhatsApp on your computer but there are two different conditions for this.

  1. Can WhatsApp be used on a computer via WhatsApp Web
  2. Whats can be used on computer through android emulator

What is WhatsApp web And How to use WhatsApp on computer using WhatsApp web

WhatsApp Web is the website version of WhatsApp through which you can use WhatsApp on a computer, for which you must have WhatsApp installed and activated in your mobile, because WhatsApp Web is only login through mobile WhatsApp for which Whatsapp qr code is used, on opening whatsapp web, a qr code is given, from which we have to scan by going to the setting of whatsapp of our mobile, after that the mobile from which we scan its bar code on that computer. But all the data of WhatsApp of that mobile is automatically reached, but during this there is a condition that as long as your mobile is connected to the internet, you will be able to use WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web can be accessed through any web browser, and if you want, you can also use WhatsApp desktop version software, but we will not suggest you to use WhatsApp desktop software version at all, Because WhatsApp computer software also uses WhatsApp Web, just for this you have to install an additional software in your computer, if you want to use WhatsApp Web then you do not need to download WhatsApp software at all. You can access WhatsApp Web by simply opening web.whatsapp.com in your Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser or whatever browser you use.

And as long as you use WhatsApp Web, the device with which you have connected WhatsApp Web, the notification will always appear in that phone that that device is being used on WhatsApp Web, and if someone sends a message to your WhatsApp If you do, you will be able to check on your computer, and also on your mobile and if you send a message to someone using WhatsApp Web from your computer, then your phone will also show that you have sent a message.

How to Login on WhatsApp Web

You can login to WhatsApp very easily, the condition for this is that you must have one device, in which your WhatsApp account has been created and at present you have that device with you.

  1. First of all open web.whatsapp.com in your computer
  2. Go to WhatsApp on your phone and click on linked devices and click on link A device
  3. Click on Ok
  4. now your whatsapp qr code scanner will be on move it in front of your computer qr code so that your whatsapp can scan your whatsapp qr code

When your WhatsApp will send the QR code on your WhatsApp, all the data of your WhatsApp will be visible on your WhatsApp, you can do messaging only through WhatsApp, you will not need to use your mobile, and especially WhatsApp web will also prove to be more helpful for you when you want to send a document to someone from your computer, because if you have a document in your computer, send it to your phone and after sending it to someone else’s phone. Sending passes is a bit difficult, but you can send documents from files directly to your computer by connecting WhatsApp.

How to logout WhatsApp Web from phone

If you have logged in to WhatsApp web from your phone, when you turn off your mobile data then automatically WhatsApp web will stop working on your WhatsApp, because WhatsApp also works for the same time as long as WhatsApp has been switched off. There is a connection from your mobile device, otherwise your WhatsApp web is automatically closed and when you connect your mobile to the Internet, WhatsApp web will start working in your computer but if you want to logout completely So you can log out by going to WhatsApp’s settings on your mobile.

  1. Go to your mobile WhatsApp and click on Linked devices
  2. Click on Logout

You will be logged out from WhatsApp Web.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp web

Yes it is completely safe to use whatsapp-web, you will not face any problem, because even on WhatsApp there is a platform provided by the WhatsApp company which works in real time through your WhatsApp, and its complete You have full control of your mobile, you can logout of it from WhatsApp, and if you send any file through WhatsApp or any other person sends it to you, on your WhatsApp as well as your All those messages will be visible in the mobile device as well.

how to scan whatsapp

To scan WhatsApp QR code, first you have to open web.WhatsApp.com in your computer, after that you have to go to linked devices in your mobile and click on link a device, and scan your computer’s QR code But if you have network problem or if your mobile camera is not working properly then you may have problem in it, but there is nothing to fear, try again your WhatsApp web will be connected.

WhatsApp web can also be used for hacking purpose

Yes, whatsapp web can also be used for hacking purpose, and can also be used from mobile to mobile on whatsapp, for this, by opening web whatsapp.com in mobile browser, scanning that code from another mobile Happens, come that whenever connected in whatsapp then whatsapp keeps showing notification that some device is connected to your whatsapp but that notification can also be turned off then it is your responsibility to keep your whatsapp safe However, by using this method, no unknown person can hack your WhatsApp, but this method can be used by your friends or your relative or any person close to you.

In this article you learned What is WhatsApp web and WhatsApp web meaning We hope this information will be useful for you.

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