What is whatsapp status and how to create, post, edit, delete a whatsapp status

Whatsapp is a great social app, and currently there is no other social app that can beat WhatsApp. And it’s running Facebook. Although Facebook did not make it. But Facebook bought it from Whatsapp’s founder.

You may have noticed that a new feature has been added between 2017-2018 in both Facebook and WhatsApp, Whose name is status.

And today we are going to tell you about Whatsapp status. What is Whatsapp status, how to post / send, edit, delete Whatsapp status.

However, on the many blogs have already written about Whatsapp status, if you want, you can learn with them, Which we will tell you at the end of post.

What is Whatsapp status and how to create, post / send, edit, delete a Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status is very easy to understand because there is nothing secret, it is very simple.

You know that Whatsapp is the name of this app and you also understand the status mean that your situation, position, condition etc.

Here is some difference between normal chat and Whatsapp status.

Whatsapp created a system called status, so that you can show your status to all your friends in just few clicks. Because when you want to show anything to all your Whatsapp Friends you have to send that message to everyone.

But with the Whatsapp status it is easy to deal with this problem because when we send anything in our status, it is visible to all our friends. And we do not have to send messages one by one.

And when you send a message to someone, there is no timing for automatic removal. But when you post something in WhatsApp Status it is visible only for 24 hours. That is, when your status complete 24 hours,  status will be automatic deleted.

Whatsapp status is very limited because you can send long files, text messages, recordings, etc in chatting. But in the Whatsapp status you can post only some seconds of files, you can post only few words in you status.

So it is certain that if you want to share long messages on WhatsApp. You have to send your message manually with everyone .

Whatsapp status is not downloadable

Most important thing about WhatsApp Status is that anyone can’t download your status file .

You can’t post long files, long texts on your Whatsapp status and anyone can’t download your status files, this does not means that Whatsapp status is worst.

Because it’s made so that you can post your status in a little bit and it is not even downloadable . You do not need to delete your status, because it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. .

So finally you learned here that what is Whatsapp status and now let’s go and know that how to use Whatsapp status mean, how to send/post, edit delete a status.

And now first of all i want to tell you about Whatsapp privacy so that you can set it before posting any status 

How to edit Whatsapp status privacy

  1. Open your app and go to status column, click on three dots > status privacy.How to set whatsapp status privacyHow to set whatsapp status privacy
  2. If you want to show your status to all your friends, you have nothing to do. And from my contact except. You can exclude your unwanted friend so that they could not see your status. You can choose third option (only share with), if you want to show your status only some people.

How to Post / send a Whatsapp status

  1. Open your Whatsapp and you will see three options chat, status and call. click on the status.How to post whatsapp status first step

How to post files (photos, videos, etc) in Whatsapp status

  1. Click on my status, now you can take picture and video from here if you want to select files from your gallery, swipe up and click on your pic or video, etc whom you want to post on your status.how to post a whatsapp status swipe up and select your file
  2. Now If you want, you can edit your image before posting on Whatsapp status. (You can crop and add imoji, texts, as you wish).Post your whatsapp status edit your file and clcik on send button
  3. After editing file, click on the “send button”, congrats your Whatsapp status is uploaded successfully. Now you can see your status clicking on status.Your whatsapp status posted successfully

How to post texts in Whatsapp status

Text posting is also very easy and almost everyone has the same process, And the best part is that you can make text even stylish. Such as font text style, text background.

So you have already posted the file, now let’s know how to post the text.

  1. Go to Status column in Whatsapp and click on pen icon at footer.How to post a text whatsapp status
  2. Now write here. You can add imoji in your texts clicking on imoji, And here you can change your font style and also theme.How to upload text status on whatsapp
  3. Finally, click on the send button to post your status. Now you can see your posted text status by clicking on status.

So you’ve learned to send / post Whatsapp status and now let’s know how to delete Whatsapp status

By the way, it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours, whether you want to delete or not.

Because its setting is such that whenever you add new post, its timing starts. However timing is invisible, which we can’t see. But whenever our post completes 24 hours, post will be automatically deleted.

But if you want to delete it before 24 hours, then you have to manually delete it by this process .

  1. Go to status column on your Whatsapp and click on your posted status.How to delete a whatsapp status
  2. Now swipe up and click on delete button and click on delete, to confirm. Finally your Whatsapp status is deleted.how to delete a whatsapp statushow to delete a whatsapp statusdelete a whatsapp status


I hope you will like this info, you can also read this info with ndtv gadgets, Whatsapp, wikihow and we will tell you about Facebook status in our upcoming post.

I think this feature is quite good, because it saves our a lot of time. Suppose if there are only 100 contacts and you want to send something to everyone, it can take a lot of time.

Now it has become even more difficult. Because before some time such system was that we could send messages to everyone at once, although for this we had to select every contact, but this is a another thing.

But what’s now? Now Whatsapp has made a big change, as a result, now you can select only Maximum 5 people at once to send a message.

So in such a situation, definitely it can take a lot of time to send a message to all of your contacts.

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