What is VIP, VIP full form in english

what is vip

The full form of VIP is Very Important Person and VIP is said to the person who is above the normal conditions of the society, who has a high respect and place in the society, or any other person who is rich by money and his business or any other person. Whatever the reason (Actor, Bussiness man, Leadership) has established its identity in the world, country, society, such people are counted in the VIP category.

Although the word VIP indicates a very important person, but along with some products, arrangements, and various types of management are also called VIP, as we talk about car, house, hotel, restaurants etc., such as We go to a hotel, and even if the arrangement there is very good or top class, then we will call it a VIP hotel, or if we want, we can also call it a luxury hotel.

Or if we buy a car, the price of which is a little more like 30-40 lac or more, then we will get good services in them as compared to normal cars, then they can also be called VIP or luxury i.e. VIP car, The more expensive car we buy, the more VIP car we will get.

Or any such item which is above the normal level, their facilities are very best, which is difficult for everyone to manage, they are also counted in the category of VIP.

What is VVIP

There is not much difference between VIP and VVIP, because the level of VVIP improves somewhat from VIP.

VVIP – Very Very Important Person

This category is even above VIP, we include people in VIP category on many bases, in which any person can be from our district, state, city, who has got an important place in the society and we are in VVIP category. Can include top celebrities, whether it is from the private sector or the government.

Those who maintain their identity at the international level, such as Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, bill gates, etc. Although only some people are not VVIPs, but there are many VVIPs in all countries in which businessmen, politicians, actors are the main ones. .

Because the full form of VVIP is a very very important person, so as an example can be taken, Mukesh Ambani, he is the top class VVIP of India, so many top class VVIPs, that government officers live under their protection. Hours of military personnel are present at his house (Antilia).

VIP or VVIP is not a post, which should be given to a person, rather he becomes a VIP or VVIP by his ability, and to come in this category, it matters that that person is for society, country, world, how much is important.

In this article you learned What is VIP and VIP full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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