What is Username

Have you ever been in such a situation that you have been asked to create a Username or have been asked to enter a Username, definitely, if you use the internet normally it will not be required,, but yes if you want to do any specific work. You may need a Username.

But yes remember that we are talking about Username here, not about the user ID, yes the Username and user ID are different and we had given information about the user id in the previous article and In this article, we will know what is Username and why username is so important.

And if you do not know about them, then you may get a lot of confusion between them because both are almost the same word but there is a lot of difference between them.

What is Username

Username is a specific id/code or name of a user and in the first condition, there can’t be the same username on any website, in another condition Username is used as a login credential.

Oops, there is so confusion no problem here is it’s solution

What are the types of Username

There are mainly two types of Username.

  • Login Username
  • Username as Profile URL

Login Username

Such Usernames are very complicated because in some places Usernames are used both as login Username and profile URL, but it also has two conditions and that is the privacy of Username, as if you make your account on Twitter, you can set your Username and later you can change it.

And it is Username, login Username, and profile URL so that not only you but others also know about your login Username which is a little unfair because as far as Username is concerned, it should be used as a profile URL because it gives a unique identity to the profile of the user, and user can change its Username change later.

But as far as it is concerned about login Username, it is advisable to remain private as it is on many websites, such as if you have ever used WordPress, then you will know very well how important it is to have a login Username private.

Because if your username is public hackers can try to hack your site, and if you use any site or do any other business which has a login Username then you should consider hardening your username.

Username as Profile URL

Such Usernames are provided on all websites/services in different ways, multipurpose Username as we are told about the Twitter Username above, it will be called multipurpose Username as it will do both Username login credential and profile Username.

And another type is Username used only as a profile URL, like on youtube, however, no new YouTuber gets a unique Username but after a certain limit, their channel becomes capable to create a Username and This Username is used only for the identity of the channel, it cannot be used to log in.

What is Username

What is Username

Is it the same on facebook

No, Facebook’s Username is used not only for identity but also as a login credential, although very few people have an idea about it because most people do not know that Facebook also has a Username system. , and Facebook has a system of Username and when the user creates his Facebook account, Facebook automatically sets its random Username.

What is my Username

Username is very easy to find out, whether it is to find your Username or someone else’s, but in some circumstances, the Username of another person cannot be detected.

For example, if you want to find the Username of someone’s social media account, then you can find it by going to its profile/timeline.

Like suppose if you want to find the Username of a person’s Facebook account, just search him on Facebook and go to his profile, you will see his Username in the URL bar, which will be something like this


Of which Facebook.com is the domain of that company and the example is the Username of that person’s account, although everyone log in with their mobile number/Email on Facebook, but if they want to log in then in login by using user name rather.

In the same way, on any social media, go to the profile of any person whose Username you want to find out and his Username will show in the URL bar.

And if you do not even know about your Username, then you can go to your profile and check your Username from the URL bar because that account is yours, then control over it is yours and you can also change your username if you want.

What is Username in Email Account

By the way, people who have the knowledge to create an email account and have created an email account before, then they will not have any problem, but when a beginner wants to create his own email or Gmail account, then they may face some problems because they needs some basic information to make an email ID.

That is about you such as mobile number, name, dob, but there is an extra option in which you will have to add any username that will be used as address of your email.

But there is a problem for the beginners because the same Username can be used which is available, then no simple word/name will be available, because most names are already registered.

For example, if your name is “Example”, then you will try to put example in Username, you will not get this Username because this Username has already been taken by someone else.

Now the condition is that you have to add an extra character or numbers for your Username and that Username may not have been taken by anyone else and you may get it, such as examaplefdi, example8347, etc Randomly can choose anything.

Protection of Username

However, if you have an account on sensitive portals, it is your own responsibility to protect your Username, that is, don’t share it with anyone. If you have a WordPress blog, it is more important that you keep your WordPress Username private and don’t use general words to Username as admin, owner, etc. because hackers often try to hack sites by these names.

Yes, but as far as social media is concerned, Username is publicly available in them and any person can find out the Username of any person very easily and we have told you the method above.

Which characters are used for Username

For Username, however, characters and numbers are mainly allowed, but that also depends on many things because the same characters are not allowed on all websites/services, as if it is about Username of Facebook there are some symbols allowed.

And if talk about gmail/email, only characters and numbers are allowed in Username, although numbers and characters are allowed in all places but symbols are not allowed in Username in all places.

Username Multipurpose login option

If you create your account on a website, then there is your login credential in it, which includes your mobile number/email and password.

But if you want, you can use your username + password instead of your mobile number/email + password to log in.


So this was some basic information about Username, what is Username why it is used, I hope you liked the article, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

As you have a Facebook profile, you can share your Facebook Username with anyone so that it will directly reach your Facebook timeline, like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Username is “Zuck” which can also be used to log in. And if implemented with the domain will be reached on their timeline, such as Facebook.com/zuck/, then we hope you liked this article “What is Username”.

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