What is URL, URL full form in english

Maybe 80 people don’t have specific information about the internet, just we normally use the internet, if you are a student, it is important for you to get basic information about the Internet.

we are able to access contents in internet only through a URL, if you visit those websites using a web browser, then you can see and copy their URL.

But if you use it through the app, you won’t be able to see the link or copy the link, so in this post, we’ll give you information about these points.

Like, What is URL what is the full form of URL, how can I see or copy a post/content URL, because it may be difficult for you to find out the URL of any content if you are not aware of the URL.

So let’s first know what is the full form of the URL then we will know that what is URL is so that you can understand the URL more thoroughly.

What is URL in computer

Full form of URL – Uniform Resource Locator

What is URL what is the full form of URL

The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource locator, that is, in a way, an address or location at which any content can be accessed through the internet.

The way you open files in your computer/mobile, it contains many and different files have many different types of contents that you place in those files, the same method applies to internet URLs.

In exactly the same way, you must have the URL of that data, i.e., the path/URL, to find out data from servers’ files or access data.

For example, if you have to see something on the internet or get information, normally you will go to Google and search the content and click on a result in the search result and go to that page you can read that content.

And in this process you go through many different URLs, firstly google.com then google search URL, and then you are redirected to the URL on which the search result you were clicked.

No URL is created, but the contents, programs are placed in different directories and to reach them, we have to go through all the directories within which that content is placed.

For example, if you are reading this post, that is, what is URL and what is the full form of URL, then you are also able to access this post only through a URL.

If you are reading this post in a browser, maybe you can see its URL at the top and the most important part of any URL is its domain name ie website name, and the content is accessed by entering the path of content after the website name.

What is URL

As the URL of this post is Apsole.com/guide/full-form/what-is-the-full-form-of-url/
First – domain name
Then guide

That is, the main domain is followed by the “guide” directory, followed by the “full-form” directory.

Similarly, there may be other directories that can be created and contents by the website owner or someone else after the owner permission

Anything Like a guide, category, etc., you can check by implementing them with apsole.com or on any website if that page is available on that site it will be open otherwise an error will appear.

So in that example “guide” is followed by “full -form” and then “what-is-the-full-form-of-url” that is, you will go to apsole.com first and then another directory” guide ” After that we will go to “full-form” then you will be able to access that content “what-is-the-full-form-of-url“.
Although all websites have many directories and programs, not everyone can access them.

Let me tell you practically what is the URL, after which you will never ask what is the URL because in this way you can practically understand the URL itself, what the URL is, and how it works.

What is URL and how does it work

For mobile users

Open chrome first, chrome is already installed on all android phones

And create such a URL file:///storage/emulated/0/

This is a path to access your files through chrome without going to your files, it is the same method as an internet URL.

Just open this URL in your chrome file:///storage/emulated/0/ And then enter any folder of your mobile files, whatever folder you like to open, download, DCIM, etc., let’s try a URL

file:///storage/emulated/0/DCIM/ Open this URL in your chrome, you’ll find the camera, screenshots files, etc. on which you can click to see the contents of your phone through chrome, this is the same way like you visit websites, their URL will appear in the URL box above.

What is URL and what is the full form of URL

What is URL and what is the full form of URL

What is URL and how does it work

For desktop users

Open your chrome and first enter the drive you want to enter, such as C, D, E,
Whatever you want to enter in any drive, just enter the URL structure which will be something like this (file:///C:/Users/) After this enter your computer’s name, and after that enter the name of the folder or file that you want to access. Such as file:///C:/Users/MY %20COMPUTER/Desktop/white/

But if you want to access another drive other than the main drive via URL, directly enter the name of that folder or file after file:///D:/ such as file:///D:/blank.jpeg/

But perhaps it may be hard for you to access a file in this way, because you may not be able to enter the exact URL of that file, so its best solution is to go to that folder in the computer whose content you want to access via chrome.

And drag that content (image, video, file) into chrome, that file will open in chrome and its path will appear in the URL bar.

What is URL what is the full form of URL

How to find out the URL of a website, video, content

You can find out the URL of any web page very easily even if it is any content, just open a browser, let’s open chrome.

Search for that content and go to the page whose URL you want to find out.

And in the URL box at the top, you will see the URL of the content, which you can copy if you want, you can also share it.

How to find out URL of a webpage

The URL can be in many ways and its structure depends on the owner of that website and the services of that website.

Like, normal domain – apsole.com

Subdomain – example.apsole.com

Normal URL – apsole.com/lets-fun-with-toys/

Parental URL – apsole.com/example/lets-fun-with-toys/

Parental+ URL – apsole.com/example/example/lets-fun-with-toys/

URL with the Subdomain – example.apsole.com/lets-fun-with-toys/

Parental URL with Subdomain – example.apsole.com/example/lets-fun-with-toys/


And the biggest thing is that an important part of the internet which made the internet easy is its founder TIM BERNERS-LEE

Tim Berner Lee founded www, HTTP, HTML, URL, etc. Yes, the URL system was invented by Tim Berners Lee.

And there may be some dynamic URLs that are used in dynamic pages, services because it requires to collect additional information.

In this article you learned What is URL and full form of URL in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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