What is unknown, Unknown meaning in english

Any person, thing, place or any other thing that you do not know is called unknown, and flirting with any unknown person or person can be heavy for you, because first you get information about it. What is it like, what is its nature.

What is unknown

The nature of every person is different and his information is also on the same basis, not every person has enough knowledge but still he remains ignorant of many things, and things about which he does not have knowledge. Or he does not know at all, he is called unknown.

We may encounter this word at various times during the use of our computer and mobile because whenever there are any unknown errors, and also in many other processes the word unknown is very common.

Unknown meaning in english

You may have to present different types of unknown errors while using your computer or mobile, such as Unknown number, Unknown error, Unknown person, etc. All these mean that the situation is said to be unknown, that is, if it is said That Unknown error then it means that there is some unknown error or it is said that Unknown person then it means unknown person i.e. wherever precious word is used, there will be use of unknown or unknown word.

In this article you have learned what is unknown and unknown meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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