What is Television and full form of TV in english

Everyone knows TV because TV is used in almost 80% of the households in which different types of programs are seen. The source of program projection is different types of players such as CD player, memory card reader, satellite program receiver, etc. Many such devices exist through which programs can be watched on TV.

And even the latest TVs do not require any external player or receiver because modern TVs have an internal player, for which we just have to insert the Pendrive into the TV and then you can watch the programs on the TV.

So almost everyone knows about TV, that is, what is TV, whether it is normal TV or modern TV (LCD, LED), but very rarely people know what is the full form of TV, yes TV is an abbreviated form, not the full form, although at the moment people know it by the name of TV, while some time ago people also knew it by the name of its full form.

What is TV

Full form of TV – TeleVision

What is TV what is the full form of TV

Earlier, people used to say television, but now people just use short form and speak TV, perhaps you have also heard about television from old people, which is the full form of TV, television is also called “Doordarshan” in Hindi.

TV is a tool on which various types of programs can be run and viewed, in the early decades, there was no color in TV, only in black and white, there was a program play, and the gradual improvement made it possible to display the colored program in the TV.

The size of the tv was heavy, which was very difficult to carry, but now modern TVs are much more lightweight with picture quality and are much more advanced than usual TV. Modern TV can be used for multi-purpose.

Earlier there was not much option to play any program on TV, the first cassette was used and after that cd became the biggest source of watching programs on tv as cd was much more capable than cassette and then both these tv + cd was very widely used all over the world.

But gradually old TVs are towards collapse because now everyone likes to buy modern TV (LCD, led) and its reason is the capability of modern TVs.

In the early decades, it was possible to display only the program on TV, but due to continuous improvement, the sound system also developed for the TV, since there was no other equipment that can ply programs so the TV value was always high, but the usual TV has dropped significantly due to entry smart TVs.

In this article you learned What is TV and full form of TV in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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