What is trending

Trending You must have heard about trending on social media at some point or the other that today it is in trend, today it is in trend, and if you do not know the opinion of the trend then you are very upset.

Trending word is used in social media both online and offline, but in today’s time trending word is used more on online platform, if we talk about trending then we can find out a lot from trending. It is, and we can use it for our benefit too, if you are active on social media then it is very important for you to know about trending, so let us step by step to understand all the things about trending. makes efforts.

What is Trending

The word trending is used in every field, wherever there is talk of trend, you will understand that there is talk of more rapid or more recession in that subject, it is not a matter of any Can be about person, thing or any topic, trending word is used more in social media platform.

When something comes in trending, we get information about that, today this topic is being discussed more or the topic which is trending is a very popular topic, it increases our awareness and what is going on at that time. It is also known about this, the use of the word Trending is more on social media platforms like – Twitter, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. On platforms like Trending, the word is used more.

what is google trends

Google is used by someone and there is all kinds of information on Google, and there is every kind of thing that people need, if more search starts on the same topic on a particular topic on Google, then that thing will come in Trending. It goes, if anything comes in trending, it means that people are searching for this thing more.

All the people who are associated with e-commerce, by looking at the trend in their area, they also earn a lot of profit by walking according to the trend, because by looking at the trend, it can also be found out, that in the coming time. What can be and what cannot happen, if I tell Trending in one word, what is Trending, then out of every information on Google, more search will be done on the same topic at the same time, that topic is Trending I will come

And if you want to know what Google Trend shows, then I would like to tell you that only one thing is known from Google Trend, that the most popular time in the whole world at which you are checking the trend. What is the subject, on which subject people are showing more interest, and we get a little awareness of what is going on in our country at this time.

Many people also have a question that how do we find out Google Trending, so let us know step by step how we can find out Google Trend, at what time what is trending, Google Trend address. To apply, you have to go to the website of Google Trends, to go to the website of Direct Google Trend, you click on this link – https://Trends.Google.com/Trends/?geo=IN

  • By clicking on this link, you will reach the website of Google Trends, and if you scroll down a bit, you will see Recently Trending.what is trending
  • And below this you will find all the topics that people are searching more on Google.
  • If you go down a little, you will get MORE TRENDING SEARCHES, if you click on it then you will get some more points, on which the search is getting more.

So in this way you can easily find out what is trending in Google in your country.

what is youtube trend

If a video uploaded on Youtube is seen by people more than at the same time or in a short time period, then that video will be called Youtube Trending Video, that video can be any, and can be uploaded at any time. That is, if people start seeing the most, then it is called Trending Video.

If you do not know how to check Youtube Trend, which video is in trend at this time, then follow these steps.

To go to the Trending Page of Direct Youtube, click on this link –  https://m.Youtube.com/feed/Trending

  • By clicking on this link, you will reach Trending Video.
  • what is trending
  • As you can see in this photo that you are seeing four options.
  • The first option is of Now, you can see all those videos, which are trending on Youtube at this time.
  • And when you click on the option with Music, you will see that video, which will show music related videos all over Youtube, which is in trend at this time, or is being viewed the most.
  • And in the third option there will be the option of Gaming, if you click on Gaming, then those videos will come in front of you which will be related to Gaming, and they are being viewed the most at this time.
  • And in the fourth option, you will get the option of Movie, in which you can watch all the videos related to the movies, which will be the videos related to the film and more people will be watching that video at the same time.

So in this way you can easily see what is trending on Youtube.

what is twitter trend

If you run Twitter, then you must have heard the name of Twitter Trending many times, and if you do not know about Twitter Trending, then I would like to tell you that when more people twit with # on any one topic, So that word used comes in Trending, that is what we call Twitter Trending, that subject can be anything, can be a person or can be a place or can be any object, suppose Narendra If the name of Modi ji will be twitted by more people by writing #NarendraModi, then Narendra Modi will become a trending word.

So let us understand how to check on Twitter, what is trending on Twitter right now.

  • First of all, you open your Twitter, and login to your account.
  • And click on Left Side Explore.
  • As soon as you click on Explore, this page will open in front of you.
  • Now you click on Trending in this page.
  • As soon as you click on Trending, this page will open in front of you, and by scrolling down the first, second and third, you can see, who is tweeting how much and who is tweeting the most.

So in this way you can very easily know, what is trending in Twitter today and remember that it keeps on changing.

what is fashion trend

If you pay a little attention around you, then you must have seen the fashion trend, with the passage of time fashion trend is also increasing, as in recent years a lot of fashion has come in hair cuts, out of which one Side / two side hair cut is very much on trend and if we talk about clothes, then there is a new trend cut in jeans.

And you can see the fashion trends day by day, now the clothes are getting smaller and smaller, etc.

How does a content trend

It is very easy to know when what is trending and when the trend is down, whenever you find something that is new and people like it very much, then that thing will be up trend, and vice versa. If something is going well and people dislike it immediately, then down trend will be seen in that thing.

You must have often seen that when any new bike comes, and people like it very much, then everyone wants to take it, so when people like to take it, then the model of the bike will come in trend, and its On the contrary, when the same bike will be in the old model and some other bike will come, then people will like the bike which was earlier, because of this down trend will come in it. I have given you examples of bikes, but in the same way it happens in all things, when that thing is popular then it will be up trend, and when no one likes something then that thing will come in down trend.

In this article you have learned what is trending and trending meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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