What is TOP level domain name, full form of TLD in english

If you are planning to start blogging or start another website, then you must get information about TLD what is TLD d in TLD means domain and any Also TLD is best for every blog/website, although TLD is not highly recommended but if you use TLD for your business then it will be more best.

Because TLD gives a better look to blog/websites and most of the sites is TLD based whether it is the top sites of the world or the small sites, even the site you are reading this article uses TLD.

What is TOP level domain

Full form of TLD – Top Level Domain

What is the full form of TLD

TLDs are called domains that use top-level extensions and you will find 90% of sites using TLDs, first of all you have to understand the domain name, the domain names are called the names on which websites Are run as google’s domain name is google.com,

Although the address of all websites is different, but the extension is mostly the same of sites such as the address “google” of google.com domain and its extension .com and this extension itself is called TLD and different types of sites use different extensions. Such as .com, .edu, .in, .org, .us, .net etc.

In the same way different types of extensions are used and most of the sites use TLD only.

TLDs are called extensions of the domain that are most commonly used globally or nationally or for any specific reason such as the world’s largest TLD .com which is commercially and globally used.

Being multi purposely of Domain, its extensions (TLD) is divided into several parts as follows.

types of TLDs

Although there are 4 types of TLDs but the same services can be run on all types of TLDs and can be run in the same way, no service is banned because of any normal domain or TLD will be programmed in the same way, programming does not matter that it is a normal domain or TLD.

Yes, just the benefit of TLD is that it can be targeted to a particular service country so that people of that industry would like to visit that specific TLD, but if you are thinking that by TLD, you will create a good website. You can also be wrong because only TLD will not be able to do anything, the most important thing is content, if there is good content on the website, then you use TLD or use a low-level domain extension, you will get traffic.

  1. gTLD
  2. ccTLD
  3. STLD
  4. ITLD

gTLD – Generic Top Level Domain

gTLD is the only TLD that is multi-purpose and can be used for any kind of service or target as it has no specific target and it targets globally, most sites use generic TLD.

As you can take the example of big sites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, etc., all use generic TLD and the site Apsole on which you are reading this article also uses generic TLD.

The gTLD includes .com, .net, .info, etc. extensions because by looking at these extensions it cannot be said exactly what service or content will be on the domain of this TLD.

ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain

ccTLD is mostly of 2 characters although the number of its characters is not determined that it is ccTLD but such TLDs targets a specific country like “.in” for India or else take the example of another country. as Russia – “ru”.

Because ccTLD represents countries with some of their characters as you can take an example of Amazon, amazon.com exists with “.in” ccTLD of which “.com” globally targets but “.in ” is for specifically for Indians.

sTLD – Sponsored Top Level Domain

Such domains are placed under the category of sTLD that target any specific content, industry, etc., and that TLD extension promotes that industry or makes more people aware of it like .edu, .gov, .mil, etc.

Because such TLD extensions target a specific industry/depart, even if the site does not have related content to it, but the TLD of that domain is sTLD which is specifically the short name of industry.

iTLD – Infrastructure Top Level Domain

You can easily find any of the TLDs we mentioned above, except for .gov, and now we are talking about iTLD and no one can register it And if you search for a domain address, you will find this TLD unavailable.

And iTLD includes only one extension which is .arpa and only managed by IANA

So you have got enough information about TLD what is TLD, and your question related to TLD has been solved.

It is very simple that no matter which level of the domain you buy, it is globally and on all types of domains, the owner can provide any kind of services, and as far as TLD is concerned, it is just an indication that what kind of content will this website provide to us.

For example, if you in TLD use, one will easily understand which country this website target. Similarly, if .edu will be used, it means that it targets the website education and it will provide study content.

Which TLD will be the best for my blog/website

It depends on which type of content or country you target. If you want to post content related to education, then you can use .edu extension for your website or if you want to make a site for any organization you can use .org.

In the same way, there are different types of TLD domains. You can choose according to your blog/website but if you want to create a multipurpose site, the best is to choose .com because .com is the largest TLD and it is multipurpose.

In this article you learned What is Top level domain name and TLD full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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