What is the full form of ZIP

Subject – What is zip file format what is the full form of zip, there are different types of file extensions for computer programs that are used for different types of tasks such as video file extension, image file extension, programming file extension, apk for android, and in the same way ZIP is also an extension of a computer file.

About which we will get information in this article, what is the ZIP file format and why it is used, what is the full form of ZIP, benefits of ZIP file format, etc. because for many tasks we need some files which are in ZIP file But the ZIP file is not used directly.

What is the full form of ZIP

Full form of ZIP – Although there are many full forms of ZIP but they are all from a different industry such as ZIP code i.e. postal code, but there is no full form of ZIP file of Computer.

Rather ZIP itself is full, that is, a computer format that can easily compress various types of files together, even if it is thousands of files at once. can be compressed at once through the ZIP.

What is ZIP

What is ZIP file format

ZIP is a special type of computer file format/extension that stores more files at a lower size because files are stored in ZIP format by compressing and where the option to extract that file is to be present, it can be extracted and used, and also it can be extracted on computer homepage to use it anywhere.

ZIP file has no single purpose but ZIP file can be used for any system anywhere, which system does not support zip file for that you will have to extract in advance and you can choose the file you want to upload on your system.

Like –

Used in Blogger blog theme

If you are a blogger and your blog is on blogger.com and you want to use an external theme in your blog, then you will find many sites from where you can download themes such as gooyabitemplates, soratemplates, btemplates etc.

But now the point to note is that when you download a theme for your blogger blog from a website, it will be in the ZIP file but does not support the Blogspot ZIP file rather support the XML file, so how you will convert ZIP to XML.

It is very simple if you use a computer, download the theme, and right-click on that file, and click on extract all, after extracting open that file, you will get an XML theme that can be uploaded to your blog.

And when you download the theme, its size will be around 50 KB but when you extract it, the size of the extracted file will be around 200 kb, then you can understand how much the zipped file size decreases, and all files are safe together.

Or if you are a WordPress user and manually upload a plugin/theme, that will also be in the ZIP file, but we don’t need to extract it because WordPress automatically extracts it.

But if you use VPS hosting, then you have to install WordPress manually which is in a ZIP file and after extracting you will see that that ZIP file also contains the files of WordPress cms and it will not work unless you extract the file.

ZIP folder icon

ZIP file icon

How to make a ZIP folder

If you normally want to check how the ZIP file looks, then its process is very simple, all you have to do is create a folder with .ZIP extension and a ZIP folder will be created, for which you can use notepad which is available in all computers.

Just open notepad and type anything and press ctrl + s and save the file with the .zip extension, and you will see that a zipped folder will be created at that destination as shown in the image above however this ZIP folder will not work because it’s cracked. Just we have given you a demo of ZIP.

How to create a ZIP file

Before creating a zip file, for which purpose you want to create a zip file, first of all, you should have the files that you want to zip and you will need zipper software to zip those files WinZip, WinRAR, etc.

Or if you want, it can also be created directly by windows, the process is very easy, so let’s know how to create a ZIP file through windows

Open your computer and if you want to convert only one file to a ZIP file then there is no additional process but if you have created a file for a system or program that you want to convert to a ZIP file then first of all Organize it, although it can still be organized after zipping.

So go to that folder/file and right click it and cursor move it on the send to and click on the compressed (Zipped) Folder.

Just that folder/file will start being ZIP, it does not take much time and it also depends on how much the size of the file you want to ZIP.

In the same location, your zipped file will be ready which will have a zipped version of that original file, now you can share this file faster than normal file anywhere because its size has reduced considerably.

What is the difference between zipped and normal files

Although we are talking about zipped compression, files can be compressed even without zipping for which many online tools exist but in that case, only one file can be compressed at a time and once. After compression, it cannot be converted to the original file.

But when files are zipped, placing all the files in a single folder can compress all those files at once, irrespective of the format.

And the biggest advantage of zipping any file is that its size reduces very much, which makes it very easy to share, upload anywhere, and when that zipped file is extracted then all the files revert into their original size as it was before zipping.

That is a very good thing because this process is also easy and after zipping the size is reduced a lot and when we extract, then we get the original version of those files.

So, this is the most help in portability, because suppose you have some images whose number is 100, the total size of these photos is 100 MB, so if you have to send these photos to someone then it may take some more time. Because its size is more but its best option is that you put all those photos in a folder, definitely it will be in any folder.

So just right-click on that folder and click on send and click on zipped, after that zipping, the maximum size will be 5 – 10 MB, which is very less than the original size, but it does not mean that the images will lose quality rather images will be in the same quality.

Now you can send it in just a few seconds with that both your and recipient’s data and time will be saved.

And that person can download that zipped file and can use the zipped images and if desired he can also extract it and after extracting it will get the original size as before.

which files can contain zip file

ZIP has no specific purpose rather all types of files can be zipped so that their size will be reduced and it will be easier to share such as video, photo, audio, other files.

How to zip a video

How to zip a photo

How to zip a pdf file

How to create a ZIP of a programming file

How to zip an audio file

There are many questions like this., for all of them my answer is the same, just right click on the file whose zip you want to create, click on compressed (Zipped) Folder in send to, the zip of that file will be created, irrespective of that file

How to unzip zipped file/folder

To unzip any zipped file/folder, just right click on that zipped file and click extract all, that zipped folder will be unzip and you will get the original version of those files.

I hope you will like this information, what is ZIP and what is the full form of ZIP, also share this article with your friends so that they can also get information about what is a ZIP file format.

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