What is app, full form of app

Today we will know what is the full form of the app, the whole world is using smartphones today, although we are not saying that the only android is being used but different types of phones are being used. This mostly includes Android and iOS (iPhone) because at this time these are the two operating systems in the mobile industry that are at the top and all have one thing in common which is App.

So first of all it is important to know that after all, App is a short form or full form, and if you are more interested in App, then you can also think about developing App, you can read our previous article in which I have told about APK, because APK matters a lot in android app, so let’s know what is App, what is the full form of App.

What is the full form of the app

Full form of App – Application

What is App, Full form of App

What is App

The app means to make a request or to apply for any process like we use common applications in banks, schools, etc. which is in written on paper.

In the same way, App is also an application when many people are confused that App is a full word but it is not, you use any phone first thing is the operating system and for the every operating systems we have to develop different types of apps.

Because all operating systems are different, they work in different ways, and apps are made on the method of their working method, the function of the app is to launch a particular program in the device, like suppose you buy a new phone. then you will get many apps already installed in it, but if you want to use any other program in addition to them, then you will have to install the app of that program and that app will provide you additional features.

Who can create an app

There is no copyright of anyone on developing an app, any person can develop an app because the meaning of the app is that you enter the application for the task you want to do in your device and your device will do that task, however, anyone is free to develop apps, but not every user can create an app for himself because additional information is required to develop the app.

So in such a situation, apps are developed by some special companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even companies doing low-level business also develop apps for their services and their apps are developed by different types of government departments so that Many of their tasks become easy.

By the way, it has become a matter of those apps which are related to the services of a company, but there are also many companies that only do business to develop apps and then it can be on a small or large scale.

Like you can see on the play store that you will find all kinds of apps like photo editors, browsers of different types, clocks music players, etc., as you search on google play store that music player then you can find different types of music player apps. There are probably no topics about which the App does not exist on the play store, and all those apps are not created by just one person but by a lot of different App developer teams.

Like you can take a game like Pubg, the idea of ​​developing Pubg was of “Brendan Greene” and today Tencent which is a very big App (game) developer company handles Pubg.

And it is not that an App does not have to be reworked just by developing it once, rather the App developer has to continuously improve their App, adding new features, because there are many bugs in the app in the initial stage. Which are required to be fixed.

You can guess this yourself that when you install an app on your phone, then its update comes in some time, then did you also think why the App update comes and why it is important to update the app.

Why App update comes and why it is necessary to update App, Benefits of updating App

Whenever an update of any App comes, it means that some changes/improvements have been made in that App by the App developer and if you update your App, then that App will run with the new setting/features that it Will be provided in the app.

And whenever there is an update of any App, be sure to update your App because it will not change the existing setting of your App, there will be no difference on any of your settings, just your App will be updated with the new version.

And the benefit of updating the app is that you will get a better experience of that app because with all updates the company keeps improving its app and fixing bugs.

How the app is created

For a person who has studied software engineering, it may be easy to develop an app, but they too may face a little problem, because it is not very easy to develop any app.

And if you haven’t studied software engineering but want to develop an app, you should have knowledge of coding i.e. computer programming language, whether you have learned computer programming online yourself or coaching or from college it does not matter.

Just matter how good programming knowledge you have, and this task requires you to have a team to develop that app because individuals can be hard to develop and manage a better app, although starting individually and make a team when something improved.

And by developing the app, the files of that app are collected with a .apk extension, and although this means that .apk is just and only android app extension, you may never have seen .apk extension with any android app as when the app is download from play store because when the app is downloaded from the play store, it is directly installed and the application package is not available, but if you download an app from any external website, you will get the package of that app that you will Have to manually install in your phone.

Caution to install the app

The useful the app, the more harmful it can be whenever you install an app on your phone, it asks for additional permission to start such as media access, camera access, contact access, etc. So you should use any app only if you sure that you will not face any problem if you allow that app.

Although most apps do not misuse any data of any user even after getting permission, but there are also hacking/malware apps on the same basis that can easily hack you.

Why Google’s apps are already installed on the phone

It has an operating system to run any device and any operating system cannot grow very much on which there are limited features, which are provided only by the company, but the operating system of the smartphone is not such but There are operating systems on which there were no features in the beginning, due to which it was prepared in such a way that any person could make a program for this operating system.

And android is the most popular operating system of mobile, and Android is the operating system of Google, since android is a product of Google, due to which some apps of google are already installed in all android phones, regardless of the phone company, and google’s apps are permanently installed it can’t be uninstalled.

You have got the basic information about the app, what is the app, what is the full form of the app, we hope you have liked this article, and this basic information about the app is also necessary for everyone because everyone uses a lot of apps in his daily life, and it is important for you to know what is the app, what is the full form of the app, how does the app development, etc.

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