What is SOS, SOS full form in english

If you use the phone, you must have seen the word SOS at some time because SOS is a common part of all phones, even if the phone is locked but you can call SOS, but why this option of SOS call is given and how it works even when the phone is locked.

Nobody knows when any problem occurs and sometimes there is a condition that people are in an emergency and need someone’s help in that condition and if he has any phone which belongs to someone else whose lock password that the person does not know, what will that person do.

Can not call anyone because he does not have his phone and he does not know the password of the phone that is present at the accident, then SOS system has been developed for such situations with the help of which any person can get help anywhere. It is possible to get a phone, it does not matter that they know its password or not.

What is SOS

Full form of SOS – Save Our SoulsWhat is SOS what is the full form of SOS

SOS is an emergency number that is specially programmed for emergency situations and even in most phones, emergency numbers are pre-programmed so that in case of phone lock, it can be dialed in just 1 click.

As you find above what is the full form of SOS, which means that Save our Soul, does not mean that it is only for the specific condition of one emergency, but you can use it in a variety of emergency conditions.

If you have a keypad phone, then you can check by locking your phone you will not be able to call on any number, but in the same condition try to type the emergency number 112 or 911, you will be able to type these numbers and will also be able to call them.

And as far as the android phones are concerned, the option of emergency/SOS will be available in the left-footer when the phone is locked, yes some phones will get SOS written and some phones will have an emergency call, so there is nothing to confuse, both are the same.

In this article you learned What is SOS and SOS full form in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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