What is PIN

With the rise of technology, today everyone uses PIN somewhere because the PIN is used in many ways in many places, we use the PIN in our daily life.

Perhaps you have an idea of ​​what is PIN but most people do not know what is the full form of the PIN because we never need the full form of the PIN, even though we do not need the full form of the PIN, but It is important to have knowledge about such things which we use in our daily life.

PIN is mostly used for the purpose of security, then it can be any type of security such as banking, locker, mobile security, etc., so let’s first find out what is the full form of PIN and then after that we will learn about other facts of PIN.

What is PIN

Full form of PIN – Personal Identification Number

What is PIN what is the full form of PIN

PIN means some such number which we use for our security and we use that PIN in various types of equipment and other private things.

A PIN is an identification number that is provided to us by a company, organization or we create our own PIN, and that PIN is used only to identify the equipment or system for which that PIN has been created.

In case of forgetting PIN, there is also an option to change the PIN, but changing PIN also requires identification which is mostly identified by mobile number.

Use of PIN in various sectors and equipment

PIN is mostly used for identification but in some cases, PIN is also used for verification purposes.

Use of PIN in ATMs – Whether you are a credit cardholder or debit cardholder, but when you insert your card in the atm machine, the PIN is necessary for any transaction or other information related to the account or card, and that PIN is issued by that bank, but if you forget, you can reset it by inserting it into the ATM machine.

PIN is also used for identity identification, such as verification of a company or institution through a PIN, many different methods are adopted.

Pin is used in home equipment, used in locks, there are many home equipment that contains PIN locks and you can set any PIN you want, and no one else will be able to access that equipment except you.

Use of PIN in mobile and computer – PIN is used extensively in mobile and computers at various places, PIN is used to lock the phone, sim card protection, banking and wallet apps.

This time UPI is used a lot, most people are doing their own transactions only through UPI, due to which people do not have to visit in bank or atm machine.

UPI PIN is a very sensitive PIN. All transactions are done through this PIN, so do not share your UPI or any type of banking PIN with anyone because it can be risky for you.

Similarly, PIN has many other uses.

Security and Privacy of PIN

You have the full responsibility of pin security for which you should not create a PIN that can be guessed or not create a very simple PIN.

You should not enter some digits or any number of your date of birth or mobile number, and not a number that is your favorite.

And while creating a PIN, one thing must be taken care that one PIN should not be used in multiple devices, but rather a different PIN should be used in all things so that if unfortunately, someone gets any of your PIN then it can’t affect your multiple accounts or services.

And as far as the privacy of the PIN is in that equipment, system, no one can see or hack that PIN because those PINs are encrypted, if you forget a PIN, you cannot see it anywhere. And it has only one option and that is to create a new PIN.

But yes in some conditions the PIN can be detected from that system but the condition for that is that you are the administrator of that system and root modification is also under your control.

Like we can take an example of a website if you use a website that requires a PIN, then forgets that PIN, you can create a new PIN, but if you are the admin of that website and If you forget the login PIN, instead of resetting it, you can see the PIN from its database, such as the password of the WordPress website can be found by admin through PHPMyAdmin.

PIN Digits

In most places, 4 digit PIN is used and in such a condition you can’t use a long PIN, but if you use a service where the longer PIN option is available, you should consider some longer PIN instead of 4 digits.

Because longer PINs are better than short PINs so that no one will be able to guess your PIN, and the chances of hacking will be very less.

How many times can someone use a PIN in equipment or service?

By the way, there is no restriction on the use of PIN, no matter how many times you use the PIN and manage your system or services as you want, but if you use the wrong PIN multiple times, then it is somewhat problematic.

If the wrong PIN is used multiple times in a service, then it depends on whether the login attempt has been activated in that service/equipment.

If the login attempt is not activated in it, then no matter how many times you use the wrong PIN, there will be no problem, but it happens very rarely, almost all PIN secured services have login attempt enabled by default, the limit is 3 – 5.

If the wrong PIN is used longer than this, then your account will be temporarily blocked, which you may have to go through some verification process to restart.

Can someone access my PIN without my permission?

Obviously not, but in some conditions, your PIN can be hacked as hacking has also increased with the increase in technology and there are many techniques through which hackers can access your PIN and other login credentials.

And for this techniques like phishing are used, for this fake page can be created by hackers to access your login credential and PIN.

And you can be sent like a normal message, in which you can be lured by various types of offers, but in reality, it is a way to steal your PIN, because when you visit that page, it will look like the original page like you services use but it will be a designed page by hackers to hack your pin or other credentials.

And you’ll try to login with your PIN and login credential, and your entire login credential will go to the hacker that can also include your PIN.

How to prevent a PIN from being stolen

It is obvious that you will not tell your PIN to anyone but if you want to protect your PIN from being stolen, then you have to take care of the registered mobile number with that PIN as well.

Because mobile numbers of people are asked on social media in many ways, even on many fake websites, mobile numbers are asked for the purpose of hacking, then remember that you do not have to give your mobile number to any unknown person and no On any social media.

Because hackers can target you through them, hackers can try to hack your PIN and your other important data.

If someone sends you a link from somewhere, open that link only if you can trust 100% on that link because maybe that link has been created and designed by a hacker to make you a victim.

Like, suppose you have been sent a link related to any bank and you are not able to decide whether the page is original or fake, then you can search directly in the web browser about that link.

How a PIN is identified

PIN identification is a quite simple process, for identification, a PIN is generated by the system or requested by you, and stored by encrypting the PIN for your account in the system (Server, home equipment, etc, which you use).

When you try to do an activity, the same PIN is required which was generated at that time and stored by encrypting, if you enter the wrong PIN while using it, the PIN will be mismatched and that task will not be complete.

And when you enter the correct PIN, the PIN you enter will match the encrypted PIN of the service that will identify that you are its owner and your task will be completed.

What is the difference between PIN and password

By the way, there is not much difference in them because the purpose of both is almost the same, some PINs can be called as passwords and some passwords can also be called as PINs.

But when it comes to any PIN that has been issue for the purpose of identification, in that case the PIN is quite different from the password.

Password is used only and only from security purpose so that the equipment will be able to manage the service that has its password, but the PIN is also used for security as well as identification.

And the other encryption, matching etc process are same.

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