What is OS What is the full form of OS

You may have used the phone a lot, everyone uses, but do you know which OS is in your phone, what is OS, what is the full form of the OS, probably not because no one needs it.

But if you have knowledge about the OS, then you will have the ease of choosing the right phone for you and you will also understand how it works because the OS is an important part of the phone.

What is the full form of OS

Full form of OS – Operating System

What is OS what is the full form of OS

What is OS

The OS is a software system that operates the hardware on which it is installed and whatever activity you do on your phone, computer, whether to install an app, software, or any other task, everything done by hardware on command of OS.

How many features you will get, how the phone will work, etc. Everything depends on the OS, whatever happens inside the phone or computer, everything depends on the OS itself, different types of OS exist for different types of electronic equipments.

Like, if you talk about the phone industry, then it is the most famous and used OS ie operating system android, yes you may have heard the name of android many times because android OS is the most used in the world.

Different types of companies are working in the mobile industry, different types of phones are launching in the market but the OS used in it is android which is of google, yes android OS has been purchased by google by a individual all mobile hardware companies use the same OS.

This is the reason why you get google and google services pre installed in all phones, even if you buy the phone of any company.

It is not that there is only one OS in the phone industry, but there are many OSs present, but not all of them are very successful, even due to the popularity of android OS, other mobile OSs could not make their enter in the market and those who were already there also collapsed.

iOS is the second big OS in the phone industry, which you will find only in Apple phones, yes, but Apple uses its OS only for their phones. Apple has not distributed their OS to other mobile companies and google OS android has been opened for all phones and because of the popularity of android OS, google is a number 1 internet company, because google provides its services in android pre-installed, no matter what the company, and you can’t uninstall their apps even if you want to uninstall.

And the special thing about the mobile system is to use the same OS lifetime on the phone which is installed, other os cannot be insatall on that mobile.

Now let’s talk about the OS of a computer, there are many operating systems of computer OS and that too for various purposes and as far as it is concerned about the most known computer OS, it is windows, Which is present in many versions like windows 7, 8, 10, xp, vista etc.

Apart from microSoft, there are many computer OS, like Linux, Unix, mac OS, chrome OS, etc. and the reason is that any computer can be OS change as per the requirement. Yes, but if it is Mac OS (Apple) and Chrome OS (Google), these OS cannot be install in any other computer nor it can be used on any other hardware instead of their developer company.

So we hope that you must have understood well what is OS, what is the full form of the OS, also share this article with your friends so that they can also find out what is OS and what is the full form of OS Because OS is a very important fact about which everyone should know.

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