What is OBC What is the full form of OBC

OBC is used in the short form of multiple things, so people get confused many times, there are a bank and another caste, and today we will get information about OBC bank, that is, what is OBC, what is the full form of OBC.

What is the full form of OBC

Full form of OBC – Oriental Bank of Commerce

What is OBC what is the full form of OBC

What is OBC

OBC is an Indian public sector bank that was recently merged in PNB at the end of 2020, PNB was established in Lahore in 1943 when Lahore was a part of united India which faced problems after partition.\

The founder of OBC is Sushil Kumar Pal, OBC has around 2390 branches and 2625 ATMs, OBC headquarter is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, CEO of OBC are Mukesh Kumar Jain.

There are around 22000 + workers in OBC, though OBC worked alone till 2020, now works with PNB after the merger in PNB, more information about OBC’s services can be found on https://www.OBCindia.co.in/ which is the official website of OBC, i hope you liked the article what is the full form of OBC.

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