What is NIC What is the full form of NIC

Subject – What is NIC, What is the full form of NIC? There was a time when anyone wanted to apply for a job or wanted to do any governmental task, then they had to face a lot of problems because at that time all the tasks had to be done offline. Not only government tasks rather private tasks also had to be done offline.

but today if any task has to be done, we can do it very easily through the internet, in which NIC has a huge contribution, although the biggest contribution is of the internet because if there was no internet, NIC would not have been able to do much, about which we will learn in this article what is NIC and what is the full form of the NIC.

Because if we talk about private companies and services, then they do their business using the systems of private companies, but NIC is responsible for all government digital work. NIC is the root of the online system of the Indian government, Not only an online system, rather many more types of technology provides NIC to the Indian government.

What is the full form of NIC

Full form of NIC – National Informatics Center

What is NIC what is the full form of NIC

What is NIC

NIC is an informatics center of the Indian government which works to provide technology to the government. NIC was established in 1976, although at that time there was no internet and much technology which are present at that time, but the existing technologies of that time were also not managed in the government sector, which led to the establishment of NIC to spread technology to the government sector.

Not only the center or not just some services, but the root of the entire government technical services of India is the NIC, both the central and state governments use the technologies of NIC.

Although the services that NIC provides can also be provided by private companies, but India is a very large country and technology is used extensively, so it is necessary for the government to have its own agency to handle the government IT industry.

Let’s leave all other technologies and talk about the most commonly used technology internet at the moment, so internet service needs a server that is prepared by big custom computers, and it has to program that requires a large team.

And all the companies, agencies that work extensively have their own servers like google, Google has their own server, Facebook, Facebook has their own server and there so are many companies which work to sell server virtually, and any person can buy their server form anywhere and launch site, but in such a situation, that server company has control over that website to a large extent.

So when you apply for any government job or do a government job, you easily do it through websites and that website is operated by the specific agency (Recruiter)

Like irctc which is for railway related tasks and it is run by railway team but its root is NIC, you do any activity in online basis, ration card, pan card, dl, etc., total number of government websites is about 6000+ and running so many websites is not small task.

And all these websites are hosted on the government server itself, which NIC operates so that control of government websites is in the hands of the government end to end.

And many government services are also provided on NIC domain like upresults.NIC.in etc. Although NIC provides many vertual servies but NIC works on physical techonologies especially.

By the way, whether it is NIC.in or nsdl or uidai, etc., even though their names are different, all these are a government sites and all websites are handled by a specific department.

We are not saying anything like this but as people say that the government functions are a bit loose, in the same way, the NIC can be measured because often the government site suddenly gets down while using.

Note: All government websites are hosted on NIC’s server

So in this, there are two conditions, manually shut down the server, the other is due to more traffic (user) because if the space and power of the server of a website are fewer, servers may be unable to respond due to increasing traffic.

And maybe you have a lot of doubt about this so far that when we upload any document on any government website, then where it goes then there is nothing to fear about it because all that data of that site goes to the government department that is managing that website and that server company has end control on which the website is hosted which is NIC and NIC is also a government department.

NIC datacenter

NIC has total of 4 national data centers and 30 other mini data centers, the data center is the center where the server and 24 hours on so that there are always websites live and people can process their tasks.

Benefits of NIC

One of the biggest advantages is that NIC manages technology in government sectors and as we have mentioned above that most of the service and management of NIC is for government websites, then the first thing is for government jobs or any other portals, we do not have to think about whether our data will be safe or not because its end to end control is with the government.

And the other thing is that when any new government scheme is to be launched, for that the department does not have to set up the server, rather the entire system has been prepared by NIC, with the help of some engineers, the website can be launched very easily.

How would Indian government websites be made if NIC were not?

It is a very simple thing that in this situation, the Indian government would have to set up an organization similar to NIC or start a server agency particularly because it is not appropriate to host government sites on private server companies.

Although most of the government websites are handled by a specific department such as railway websites by the railway department, pan card by the pan card/income tax department, at the same time NIC handles many websites, and also many apps by NIC. have been provided.

So you have got the complete information that what is NIC what is the full form of NIC. Surely you must have liked this article, and if you are a youth who apply for govt jobs, then share it with your friends also so that they Also, understand about the security of their data submitted of job portal and also get this information as well as the server company in which their data is saved ie what is NIC and what is the full form of NIC.

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