What is DOB What is the full form of DOB

When we fill any form anywhere or go to create an id or use online sites and create an account on them, we are asked DOB along with our name and some personal information in all places but many people do not have any idea what is DOB, what to put in DOB section, what is the full form of DOB and in such condition, they have a problem in filling that form.

If you have something similar with you, be absolutely certain because DOB is not something that you do not know, but DOB is your personal information related to your birth.

What is the full form of DOB

Full form of DOB – Date of Birth

What is DOB what is the full form of DOB

What is DOB

DOB is the date of birth of any person if you are asked what is your DOB or if you are asked for DOB in any form, then you have to put your date of birth in it, and many people celebrate their birth anniversary every year in celebration of their birth, although birthday was rarely celebrated till some time ago, but now birthday celebrations have become a common thing, now everyone everywhere even in rural areas celebrates their and their relatives birthday.

In all places, DOB is only asked so that your other documents can be matched and your age can also be measured because in many places or services are allowed only for over 18 people and that You can easily calculate from DOB that how much you are old.

Even if you use Facebook, use google, then DOB is also required to set up your account and your DOB is used to measure your age and if you are less than 18, some restriction is also applied, so i hopw you understood that what is DOB and what is the full form of DOB.