What is the full form of DB

Subject – What is DB, what is the full form of DB, today everyone is using the online system, through which many of their tasks have become easier because it takes only a few minutes to do the same work which used to take a lot of time to do offline because all those services we get online And there is all the cooperation of the websites.

Although we can access any website very easily but perhaps you do not know that handling a website is very complicated because many technologies work in it, one of which is DB to let’s know that What is DB and what is the full form of DB.

What is the full form of DB

Full form of DB – Database

What is DB, full form of Db

What is DB

The database is called a museum of any object, then it is not necessary that there should be a database of the computer hosting only, but we are talking about DB, and the computer database itself is called in short database.

No website can run without a database because the database itself manages the website’s data, even if your site is completely ready but if it is not connected to the database then that website will not work because the database connection required to run a website.

However, there are also many conditions such as hardcoded site, cms based site on shared hosting, cms website on VPS hosting, etc., because the management of database is different.

For example, if there is a hardcoded site, then first of all it is to create a connection to the database, but at this time very few sites are being developed which are hardcoded because most of the sites that are being developed at this time are based on cms. In which anyspecial task is not required, whether it is DB management or something else.

Site connection with DB

At this time everyone is making a WordPress site, so we will also talk about the same, so if you create a WordPress website and use shared hosting then you will not need to interfere in DB and this happens because of shared hosting, the third party installer is found and they set Db.

And in the initial stage, the owner of that site does not have any idea about DB that DB has been created for their website/blog, although this whole process is automated but if you want you can create DB manually.

And if you use VPS hosting then you have to manually create DB, configure and authenticate with the file because VPS does not have third-party installer.

DB error notification

In some case, DB can also notify error and this happens when a website is not able to connect to its DB (database) for some reason or the website has got the wrong authentication of the database and that error is something like this There is an “error in establishing a database connection”, it means that the rest of the features of that website are working but there is a problem in the database connection.

Types of DB

If you want to know the types of DB, then, first of all, you have to understand computer programming because when you search on the internet how many types of DB are there, then you will be told about many types of DB but mainly DB is of two types.

Pre-Programmed – Many companies have developed database software, some of which is paid and some are also DB software which companies use only for personal use. ,

Programmed – It means to develop DB software itself, that is very difficult, at this time no one will need to develop DB software themselves because at this time there are many DB already existing ones which can be used by anyone, even Facebook also uses a pre-programmed database which is MySQL database.

The world’s most used database

Although there are lots of DB software available but not all DB Software are used equally because the working process and cost of all are different and currently the most used database in the world is MySQL database, and we will give you As mentioned above, MySQL database is also used by very big companies.

And all blogs also use MySQL DB as if you are reading this content on this website Apsole that “What is DB and what is the full form of DB” This website also uses MySQL database only.

And in the case of DB software, mysql DB is currently the world’s number 1 DB.

How many DB software exist

Although there are many types of DB software but here are some of the top DB software

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Spanner

function of DB

The website is operated by DB itself because what will be the content on the website and how it will run depends on its programming but whatever data, content, user, etc. is stored and processed, by DB.

Let us understand the function of DB from the example of the WordPress site.

When any WordPress site is manually installed, it is completely empty and there is a lot of setting to do and the last task to connect WordPress to the database.

And if there is any problem with this connection then the website will not come live because there is no connection to the database, for which the database has to be created first.

In all cPanels MySQL database is installed and admin can easily create his DB then first of all he has to create DB and create a user and configure access and credentials you have to remember these credentials to configure WordPress.

Because the DB is also password protected and anyone can interfere in it if they have a login credential, DB login credentials have to add to config file so that WordPress can access the DB.

Since the database can also be handled manually but it will be a very long process because manually managing the database is difficult as well as risky, so when the DB access credential is entered in the WordPress config file then WordPress Can manage it easily.

And if you are a WordPress user and want to see your DB then by going to the cPanel go to “MySql database” it has a different DB per domain/subdomain.

And if you want to see tables of a particular DB, then click on PHPMyAdmin and all particular DB will be visible, you can expand any particular DB tables you want to see.

Although changes can also be made to these tables, but manual changes are not recommended as errors may also occur.

So this was some basic information about DB, what is DB and what is the full form of DB, we hope that you must have understood well what is DB and what is the full form of DB and if you want to start a blog/website, then this post will prove to be more helpful for you.

And we hope that you will not forget to share it with your friends that what is DB, what is the full form of DB.

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