What is the full form of Ctrl

If you are a computer user, definitely you must have seen the Ctrl button and if you have done any computer course, you would have known what is Ctrl and what is the full form of Ctrl because Ctrl is always spoken in its full form, just have written in short.

So today in this article we will know what is the full form of Ctrl so that you can learn to use Ctrl because Ctrl is an important key of computer and that is why important keys are given in multiple places on the keyboard.

What is the full form of Ctrl

Full form – Control of Ctrl

What is CTRL, Full form of CTRL

What is ctrl

Ctrl is a control key as mentioned above, what is the full form of Ctrl, Ctrl key does not work alone but rather the Ctrl key works with other keys or you can say that the Ctrl key is used to control other keys, so that many tasks of the computer become easy.

The Ctrl key is an important key that is why this is present on both sides, which is present in the bottom line, whether it is the internal keyboard of the laptop or external.

If you operate your computer with a mouse, you may not need Ctrl or other keys too much, but if you use the mouse very rarely, then Ctrl will be needed multiple times.

Ctrl is used differently in different places b ecause the same keyword does not work in all places as if you have opened the Chrome browser and you press control + D, then your existing tab will be bookmarked.

But if you press Ctrl + D normally on desktop then there will be no process and if you select a file and then Ctrl + D, that file will be deleted.

So you can understand that some shortcut keys can be complicated and if you have complete knowledge about the keyboard, then perhaps you will not need to use mouse.

So you know from the above information what is Ctrl and what is the full form of Ctrl and now let’s understand some uses of Ctrl i.e. some shortcut keys of Ctrl which will be helpful for you.

Some shortcut keys of Ctrl

Ctrl + A – Select all, if you use Ctrl + A, then wherever you are, the files or text will all be selected, and on those files, you can give the appropriate command such as copy, cut, delete, etc. and this command will be implemented on all those selected files.

Ctrl + B – Bold is used to bold a text, you can see it in the text editor.

Ctrl + C – Copy, to copy any file or text

Ctrl + D – Delete, bookmark, if you d Ctrl + D in chrome, then your current tab will be bookmarked, but if you select a file and press Ctrl+ D, it will delete that file.

Ctrl + E – Enter text, when you are on a browser, you have to do some search, then click on the search bar and type the word manually but if you want, you can type directly by pressing Ctrl + E without moving the cursor.

Ctrl + F – Find, Ctrl + F is a very useful shortcut key, if you have written some texts or have stored a lot of files then searching any specific file or finding a file will be a bit hard and to solve this problem you can use ctrl + f, just press ctrl + f and type the word you want to search.

Ctrl + G – acts like Find, Ctrl + g, similar Ctrl + f just find

Ctrl + H – Find and Replace, history, Ctrl + h does not work the same in all places, like if you use Ctrl + h in a text editor, then there will be the function of find and replace, no matter how many words are there, it Can be replaced at once and if you use the same shortcut in chrome, the browsing history will be open.

Ctrl + i – Italic does italic texts, but only in an editor

Ctrl + J – used for alignment in some software and for downloads in the browser

Ctrl + k – Hyperlink, there is an option to link add in editors, but if you want to hyperlink in a text, you can select it by pressing Ctrl + k you can add links. If you are a user of WordPress or Blogspot, you will know about it very well.

Ctrl + L – Search bar, this navigates to the text bar in the browser

Ctrl + N – New, it is used for a new window or file on any program such as Ctrl + n, is used for new window in chrome/browse .

Ctrl + o – Open, if you are creating a program in software, it uses to add an additional file to that program or to open a file already saved in that software.

Ctrl + P – Print, you will definitely be well aware because printing is a very common process that is often required, if you want to print the page you have opened, just press Ctrl + P, your computer will prepare that page to be printed and by attaching printer you can print.

Ctrl + R – Reload, if you visit a page in chrome and want to reload then reload button is found but you can also reload it with Ctrl + r.

Ctrl + S – Save, this key is used to save any file, document, page.

Ctrl + T – New Tab, often in browsers we need multiple tabs, and if you press Ctrl + t a new tab will open.

Ctrl + U – Underline, if you write text on software or website and text modification is allowed, with this shortcut key you can underline those texts.

Ctrl + V – Paste, if you have copied content then you can paste it with Ctrl + V

Ctrl + w – close, to close browser’s tabs

Ctrl + X – Cut, with this shortcut key you can cut any content from anywhere and paste it into another location.

Ctrl + z – Undo, if you do a task, then Ctrl + Z is used to bring it back to the previous condition if there is a mistake in it.

Ctrl + y – Redu, if there is a mistake in one of your computer programs, you will use Ctrl + z to bring it back to undo condition, but if it is to be done again in advance condition after that process is undone then Ctrl + y is used.

So from the top, you have learned what is Ctrl and what is the full form of Ctrl, let us know some more basic uses of Ctrl, just like there are many other shortcuts of Ctrl even with numbers like If you have zoomed out or zoomed in on a page, you can use Ctrl + 0 to bring it to 100%.

Or use other numbers with Ctrl according to tabs to switch tabs.

You can use Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs one by one, there are many ways to delete chrome history and other data but by pressing Ctrl + alt + delete, chrome history can be deleted directly.

Ctrl + shift + n will open the incognito tab in chrome whose history and other data are not created because incognito is the private tab, in the same way, that Ctrl works differently with different keys.

Because Ctrl does not do any process alone but together with other keys, completes different types of tasks in different types of programs.

So I hope you liked this article what is Ctrl and what is the full form of Ctrl, tell us in the comment and also share this post with your computer lover friends and tell them what is Ctrl and what is the full form of Ctrl.

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