What is CSC What is the full form of CSC

CSC is a service that exists in almost every area so that people can process or complete their tasks, well everyone is familiar with the basic name of CSC, but sometimes we get to see the CSC instead or use CSC with our name that runs the “Public Convenience Centre,’ ‘Jan suvidha kendra'” what is the matter.

It is a very simple thing because he is a CSC holder so he can put CSC with his name, almost you have got the idea what is CSC, below you will know what is the full form of CSC, it is not that any simple computer shop becomes CSC, but CSC center is provided by the government, you can also get CSC.

What is the full form of CSC

Full form of CSC – Common Service Center, (Mostly known by the name of the Jan Seva Kendra or Public Utility Center)

What is CSC and what is the full form of CSC

Most people in rural areas know it only through the name of “Jan Suvidha Kendra” and very few people are familiar with the name of CSC “Common Service Center“.

What is CSC

CSC is a physical facility like other computer services, which is a government service and this facility is provided to the interested persons of CSC on the basis of certain qualifications, and permission for many government services is also provided.

The biggest benefit of CSC is that people need a lot of tasks that are included in the government facility and if CSC was not there then people would have to face a lot of problems for those services because those can not be accessed easily.

But due to CSC all the tasks have become very easy, by the way, any person can do many tasks and that too without getting CSC, and such tasks are done very much like applying forms, paying bills, Etc., but along with this, many other documents of the people are also required which are issued by the government.

Or there are many services that only can be processed by CSC holders because the CSC holder gets a CSC license (Login Credential).

Like if we talk about one of the most common document which is needed almost everywhere and that is, income, caste, and residence certificate, if any person wants to get one of these documents, then he has to go to CSC, Even these documents are also certified by the CSC holder, but if you want to open a shop whose purpose is to make non-government services, then CSC will not be required.

Because it is not necessary to have a CSC-certified center for any private task, any person can process private tasks and also some government tasks.

CSC was founded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on July 16, 2009, of which headquarter is in Delhi (Electronics Niketan, New Delhi, India), more information about CSC can be found on the CSC portal https://CSC.gov.in/,I hope you liked this article What is CSC what is the full form of CSC.