What is the full form of .com

You must be using mobile, definitely, because you are reading this article, which can be accessed on an electronic device only, such as mobile, computer, tablet, you must have use websites in which you see .com in websites and in some websites it is different, so if you are using that website then it is important for you to know what is that .com and why it is used, what is the full form of .com.

Although not all websites have .com, in some websites you will find .com, in some, .in, .org, .net, .edu etc. So have you ever thought about why this happens and what happens with their use? , well if you have an idea about this already or not, it does not matter, but if you are interested in computers and visit websites, then maybe you think automatically that what is the full form of .com.

For example, on the website you are reading this article, .com has also been used, which is apsole.com, and the address of the .com extension is different in all websites but most of the websites have .com common.

What is the full form of .com

Full form of .com – Dot Commercial

What is the full form of .com

What is .com

.com is an extension of websites that indicates the purpose of websites, however, .com is used by most websites which does not indicate a specific country, organization, etc. .com means Dot commercial, however. com indicates commercial but it does not mean that .com can be used only for any specific commercial project but also .com can be used for any purpose, .com is also known as the name of TLD.

For this, you can take an example of any website such as google.com, facebook.com, youtube.com, etc.

.com and the address together completes a domain of the website. Yes, only .com or just name will not be called the URL or domain of a website because both are incomplete without each other.

The domain extensions of all websites .com, .in, .edu, etc. can be the same but the name can never be the same as a name can have only one.

And the name does not have a purpose but if you want, the name can be selected for any specific purpose but extensions are different for different purposes, but understand that there maybe any extension on any website but it is not necessary to work on the basis of that extension.

But the advantage of choosing a domain name based on its purpose is that the user can easily guess what kind of content will be on this website as if someone wants to build an education website, then .edu would be better for them instead of .com Just as .com’s full form dot is commercial, in the same way .edu has full form education which indicates that this website will have content related to education.

But it is not compulsory that if there is an education website, then the extension of his domain should .edu, rather it can be .com or any other extension and it depends on the administrator of that website what kind of extension he wants for his website.

A (.com) extension can have only one website of a name, such as google.com, but as per the need, a website can be created on other extensions on the same name, such as Google.in, google.edu, google.org, etc.

However, it also matters that there should be an extension available for that website that you want to register as google.com website and you want to domain name buy on another extension instead of .com on the same name like google.edu, google.org, etc. if it is an extension available, it can get.

And you can make your own website but do so can prove to be harmful to you because in that case, that company can take legal action against you, yes, but if it has not been recorded in website government documents yet, there will be no problem because non-gov registered websites cannot take action on any other domain irrespective of the similarity.

So if the sites which are already registered do not think about creating a website on the same name because you can create a big problem by doing this, but yes you can register by changing something in a domain name like google.com then not google rather change characters from google and then buy it with whatever extension you like such as .com, .in, .org, .edu, etc

And .com means domain extension affects the price of a domain. There are many names that are based on some top keywords. If you want to buy this kind of domain with .com, then it is probably more expensive.

However, it is not necessary that the .com extension itself is the most expensive but different types of extensions have different rates, and also the domain keyword also matters. If you choose a unique name, then the domain will be cheaper than whatever extension you want. But if you buy a domain based on a keyword, the keyword is already very popular, then its price will be high.

And as far as concerned normal internet users are using .com or any other extension website, they do not need to think about it at all, because whether a website is with .com or any other extension, they can easily access them without any problem.

And many companies use domains with multiple extensions for their business which provide services with different default features for different countries.

Like amazon, if you open amazon.com you will get the default website and settings and the rates of products will be shown in USD, however, you can also change if you want and if you open amazon.in then an Indian suitable store will be provided which amazon has created especially for Indians.

Although Amazon was free to use any extension other than .in, but amazon is using extension .in because the full form of .in is India in domain extension system, that targets Indian customers, although .in will also run same as the .com website, but the .in website is used because it wants to say that we have made this website especially for Indians whereas .com does not have any or any country target.

.com can be used for any purpose, it can also be said that .com is the top brand of domain extension.

So you have got very accurate information about .com what is .com and what is the full form of .com and now it is your turn to share it with your friends and tell them what is the full form of .com.

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