Who is CM What is the full form of CM

CM is one of the largest post of a state, just as the head of a household is one and the whole family obeys the orders of the same, in the same way, the CM is also the head of the state. Whether it is a government task or a private one all have to follow the guidelines of CM.

However, everyone knows about CM because CM is word, which is much more popular because the CM’s decision often affects the state and not even the CM’s post is permanent, but CM is a temporary post with a tenure of 5 years, so everyone almost knows about CM that who is CM, but not everyone has an idea what is the full form of CM.

Most people know that cm’s tenure is for 5 years, but very few people know that if the CM of a state is not able to handle its state properly or there is any problem to that state and the CM is not able to handle that condition, president’s rule is imposed in that state.

Due to which no decision can be taken by CM nor any decision of CM will be implemented but President’s rule will handle that state, then you have got a lot of information about what is CM, who is CM Now let’ss know what is the full form of CM.

What is the full form of CM

Full form of CM – Chief Minister

Who is CM what is the full form of CM

The CM is a person selected by the people of a state for which elections are held every 5 years and the winner in the election becomes the CM of that state and for the next 5 years, the state takes over the entire.

The CMs of all the states are different and the CMs in all the states are selected by election only.

Eligibility for CM Post

At present, politics is such a line in which you can take entry even without any studies, however, if there is a change in this rule in the future, there may be some requirement of qualifications but at this time even an illiterate person can join politics.

Then whether it is a normal BDC, village head, district panchayat, even for the post of CM, there is no requirement of any qualification, just the condition that the candidate should be an Indian and can participate in the election. the selection of a person for the CM post is from two processes.

The first is a person’s application for an independent CM post and the second from a party, all other processes are the same for everyone.

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