What is the full form of BSNL

Today we will know what is the full form of BSNL because at one time BSNL was a top brand in India, although BSNL’s popularity is very much at this time also but it is very less than some other top telecom companies but no matter because it Is a government company

Yes BSNL is the only government telecom company in India, the rest of all others are private companies that manage their system on their own, and BSNL is managed by the Indian government.

Perhaps you have also heard of the privatization of BSNL which you yourself may have known that BSNL is a government telecom company, so let’s know what is the full form of BSNL and then get other important information about BSNL.

What is the full form of BSNL

Full form of BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

What is BSNL what is the full form of BSNL

What is BSNL

BSNL is a very large telecom company in India, although BSNL cannot be called the largest telecom company because, at present, BSNL’s share market is only 10%, the rest is occupied by other big telecom companies which are JIo and airtel, etc.

BSNL was established on 15th September 2000 and in some time BSNL became very popular, BSNL provides both fixed-line and mobile telephony services and as you know other every company charges roaming but it is not that with BSNLbecause BSNBL provides the same services to its customers, irrespective of the state.

And as we have told you many times about hacking, you should avoid any activity through that someone can hack you, something similar happened to BSNL. In 2017, a virus affected a lot of BSNL customers, although it was a common problem that soon became fix but with increasing technology, haking is also increasing. so always avoid malware systems, apps, etc to keep you safe.

BSNL has around 70,000 employees and its headquarter located in New Delhi,

BSNL’s biggest service is the mobile network

BSNL was in a very good position some time ago, but gradually the business of BSNL went down drastically after the arrival of Jio, not only BSNL but all other telecom companies business was down.

The source of the BSNL mobile network is Sim card which stands Subscriber Identity Module, whether you want to use BSNL’s mobile network or any other company, you have to use subscriber Identity Module (sim).


ISP means an internet service provider, BSNL provides internet service on his sim card and at the same time provides modem/broadband so that if someone wants to especially internet access, they can buy it because everyone gets the same internet speed on the mobile network but some business requires high-speed internet which broadband is available.

Similarly, there are many other services of BSNL like Bharat Fiber, BSNL Landline, BSNL wing service, etc.

At this time also BSNL is a big telecom company of India which ranks 4th number the total number of customers is 122 million, although it is not all active but the number of active customers is only and only 61.40 million and India’s top telecom company Jio have total 410 million customers, and the number of active customers is 324 million

so I hope you will like this basic information about BSNL, you must have understood better what is BSNL and what is the full form of BSNL and as far as it is about the full form of BSNL then if you will buy a sim card of BSNL or buy any other service, then you will get Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited written on it with the BSNL.

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