What is blog What is the full form of Blog

If you online content read or see, definitely you may have face Blog word at some point, or you may be a Blog admin, but do you know what is the full form of Blog.

By the way, both blogs and websites work on the same basis as the methods of developing both and accessing them by users etc. are the same, but there is also a slight difference between them, which is that their services are different.

What is the full form of Blog

Full form of Blog – Web Log

What is Blog what is the full form of Blog

What is blog

In the early decades, the sites providing articles on the internet were known by the name of web log but over time its name has been upgraded and it became blog from web log, and google also created a platform called blogger.com for writers. Which is available for free, on which anyone can start their own blog and can also earn.

Blog is called websites whose extension is mainly to publish articles, then it can be on any topic, but yes if any service is also provided by that domain, then it will not be called Blog but it will be called a website. .

Although until a few years ago, Blog used to be the only best option for all kinds of knowledge, now youtube has replaced it because everyone likes to watch than read.

Blogs are run in two ways, one on the primary domain and the other on the sub domain, the domain is called the address of the blog / website through which you access it as if you are reading this article on apsole.com. Blog’s domain is apsole.com and this article is on primary domain.

To run a blog, domain (Name) and hosting (Space) are required which can be bought online which are available in both cheap and expensive budget.

However, Blog are create on many basis and if a person Blog start on shared plan, then in just a few minutes they can create their blog and the blog will be live after setup.

But if you use vps or dedicated plan, then your blog may take some time to get live, about 4 – 6 hours, although with a little invesetment anyone can start his own blog but making a blog is not a big deal but on the blog Putting content and growing the blog is a big task which has become even more competitive this time.

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