What is APK What is the full form of APK

Today we will know what is APK and what is the full form of APK, by the way, everyone installs apps on their phone from the play store, due to which no one has any specific information about the APK, while everyone installs Apps on phone by an APK.

And if you install the app from somewhere other than the Google play store, install it from some other website or download it, then you will get a file of that app which will have an “.APK” in the last as assume if you download WhatsApp from a website, WhatsApp’s the file you will get something like this “whatsapp.APK”

So what is the point of this APK, in this post, we will know what is APK and what is the full form of the APK, why is the APK used.

What is the full form of APK

Full form of APK – Android Application PackageWhat is APK what is the full form of APK

What is APK

An APK is a file that we know by the name of the android app, and this APK file collects the program of that app because when an app is created it contains different types of files for different tasks. And along with that, there are lots of codes and files used to run that app.

And this APK extension stores all those codes and files separately as it is developed and set by the developer, if you always download the app from the play store then you will not get to see the APK extension because the play store installs apps automatically after downloading and you can’t see the package.

But when we download the app from an external website, we get the APK package of the app that we have to install manually, I hope you liked the article what is APK what is the full form of APK, Don’t forget to share this info with your family and friends.

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