What is AD What is the full form of AD

Although there are a lot of online AD companies, you often get to see AD of google as most of the online business runners are the main source of earning AD, although paid services are also the source of their earning. But most people earn only through ADs.

But many people confused about AD, even many people don’t even know what is the full form of AD and how to manage this online AD.

First of all, many people have confusion in AD and Add, so we want to tell you that there is a big difference between them and whenever you see AD of google, you get AD written at the right top which indicates that this content is an AD.

What is the full form of AD

Full form of AD – Advertisement

What is AD what is the full form of AD

What is AD

AD is a kind of promotion through which people promote their products and services by which they get more customers and the product/service owner pays to the AD company for that AD.

At this time companies are focusing on online AD instead of TV AD as online Advertising is more beneficial and completely under the control of Advertiser, Advertiser is able to fully analyze the AD he has run, such as how many times his AD is shown, how many clicks have got etc information.

Although you will find AD written in right-top on all the ADs of google, there may be different words with the ADs of all AD companies, such as with the ADs of Facebook you will find Sponsored written instead of AD, although both mean the same.

If you also want to run your online AD, then whether on google or Facebook, you can create it very easily, to create google AD, you can visit Adword.com, and to run AD on Facebook, you can visit Facebook AD manager. Or if you want, you can run direct AD by visiting your page, we hope that this article what is AD, what is the full form of AD, will prove to be helpful for you.