What is the difference between WiFi and hotspot

Most of the people know these two devices by the name of WiFi but there is a lot of difference between both WiFi and Hotspot, both are opposite to each other, because neither WiFi connects to WiFi nor any Hotspot to Hotspot. will connect.

WiFi vs hotspot difference

WiFi is a feature that serves to connect to a hotspot, and can easily connect to any hotspot device whereas a hotspot device serves to provide a WiFi connection, a hotspot is a password protected program/device Which is mainly present in mobile, whereas WiFi, when in range of hotspot, can easily search for that hotspot device, and connect by entering password.

Multiple devices can be connected to a hotspot, while only one WiFi can be used on a single device at a time.

Hotspots are also called WiFi routers, with the difference that the hotspots are mainly called mobile hotspots, while the devices that work to provide hotspot connections are also called WiFi routers.

There is a difference between a WiFi router and a WiFi because a WiFi router is a hardware device that acts like a mobile hotspot. Although a mobile hotspot is very limited, its range is also short, whereas a WiFi router has a range of functions and connectivity to connect WiFi devices. The capacity is very high.

WiFi routers and hotspots work to provide WiFi connections, while WiFi works by searching for and connecting to this signal when it’s in range.

WiFi Router and Hotspot have their own range whereas WiFi has no range, rather WiFi, WiFi Router and Hotspot can be connected by searching them when they are in range.

In this article, you learned what is the difference between WiFi and Hotspot, we hope this information will prove to be useful for you.

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