What is the difference between laptop and computer

The principle of working of both laptop and computer is the same, what you can do on a computer, you can also do it on a laptop, but the speed and all other features of a computer and laptop may change, and every Computer may not be suitable for every person and laptop may not be suitable for every person, so first of all you have to make sure that for what purpose you want to buy computer laptop and what is right for you. Will stay

What is difference between computer and laptop

working method

The working method of both computer and laptop is the same, the operating system and softwares you can use in the computer can also be used in the laptop, both have the same internal features and interface, and they can be used by the customer. And the management methods are also the same, and mainly it depends on the operating system. If you use windows 10 on your computer, and also use windows 10 on your laptop then you will get the same features and interface in both. Will meet.


All the hardware of the laptop like mouse keyboard monitor etc. are attached in the laptop, whereas all the parts in the computer remain separate, which is keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitor, UPS etc.

move from place to place

Of course it is much easier to carry a laptop from one place to another, whereas a computer is much more difficult to handle as the laptop is very thin and light, which can be easily done while a laptop is very thin and light. There are many different devices in a computer, due to which its size becomes even more, due to which there can be more problem in moving and setting up the computer from one place to another, if you have a computer at your home. Even if you want to use the computer, you will have to keep your computer in a certain place, then you will be able to work, and if you want to use the computer from your room and use it in another room, then you will have to separate your entire setup, And you have to pick it up and take it to another room and install it again and start over, and if you want to do it once then it can be done but it is difficult to do it again and again,While a laptop can be carried anywhere, anytime, in any condition, you can use the laptop at all places like bus, train, car, railway station, bus stand, etc., whereas a computer can be used only at certain places. Can be used, such as office or your room etc.

power supply

The most important thing for the working of a computer and laptop is that the power supply and the laptop works on very low power, and it also has a battery with a better backup, which is still available even if there is no electricity. Can use your laptop when there is a big problem of power supply in the computer and if there is a power cut, the computer switches off immediately, while the laptop is not affected at all because of the power grid, And even if there is no electricity, a laptop can be used easily for about 3 hours.


Speed ​​mainly depends on what kind of computer or laptop you buy, and how much you can invest, the more you invest, the faster computer or laptop you will get, but never upgrade a computer to higher hardware. The speed can be increased by doing this, whereas it is not so in the laptop and if you need very high speed then you should consider the computer.


If you have a laptop and you want to change its screen to use a bigger screen, or want to upgrade some other hardware to a better hardware, then it becomes difficult because the laptop is very thin and small size. In which a fixed slot or space is given for all types of hardware and their installation pin is exercised, due to which only compatible hardware can be used for that hardware in a laptop, whereas a computer can use any compatible hardware. Also the hardware can be upgraded at any time, whether it is to change its monitor from small to large to small size or hard disk motherboard etc. You can customize it according to your wish.


If you buy a computer and laptop of the same hardware, then the computer will be cheaper, while the laptop will be expensive.


It is more difficult to repair a laptop and buy a party that has a computer repaired, and then it is easier to buy, even open the computer hardware and repair it, whereas laptops have little stays hard

What is the difference between laptop and computer

The difference between a laptop and a desktop is the same as that of a laptop and a computer, because the desktop version is called a computer.

In this article you have learned what is the difference between laptop and computer, we hope this information will prove useful to you.

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