What is thank you, Thank you meaning in english

Tysm full form is Thank You So Much

  • T – Thank
  • Y – You
  • S – So
  • M – Much


What is thank you

Thank you word is said to express gratitude, like if someone helps you in doing any work, gives you a gift etc.

Or in any other way, if any person helps you, it is your responsibility to thank him, so that that person realizes that that person is expressing gratitude to us, respecting us.

But as far as the word Tysm is concerned, Tysm cannot be spoken directly, if you want to express gratitude directly, you can say thank you or thank you so much, and if you want to speak in message / chatting then Tysm can be used. Huh

Although short word tysm is used for fast chatting, but it has become fashion to use more short words than fast chatting, thanks to social media apps and sites.

In this article you learned what is thank you and thank you meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful to you. 

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