What is surgery, surgery meaning in english

Surgery is a procedure by which a damaged part of the body is repaired, also known as an operation, surgery can have different conditions, and it depends on which part of the body is damaged, during heart surgery, through some special medical equipment, that damaged area is reached, for which cuts are made on the body according to the need, and after healing that damaged area, the cut on the body is returned. Sutures are performed, which may take some time to recover, during which it is suggested that the patient be in a normal normal position, as abnormal movements can cause a wound at the site of surgery, which can aggravate the problem.

What is surgery in english

A cut made on the body to repair a damaged part inside the body or to remove an organ from the body, and the work done inside the body is called surgery, surgery is a very scary word because everyone People are afraid of getting surgery, but now surgery is also done using some advanced techniques, through which an attempt is made to remove the disease by doing surgery in the least amount of pain to the patient.

why surgery is done

Surgery is mainly used to repair a damaged organ inside the body, but surgery is also used to remove an organ.

what are the types of surgery

There are mainly two types of surgery

  1. general surgery
  2. laparoscopic surgery

Both types of surgery are more beneficial in different situations, as it depends on which part of the body is damaged, and which surgery is to be performed because laparoscopic surgery cannot be done in all situations, however Normal surgery can be done in all situations, but when the option of laparoscopic surgery is available, then in such situations where laparoscopic surgery is possible, then opt for laparoscopic surgery, because in this you will get a lot of benefits.

what is normal surgery

Normal surgery is surgery in which a large cut is made on a part of the body, and the size of the cut can be different in different surgeries, and through that cut, the internal organ is healed, and the surgery After completion, that cut is sewn up.

But after normal surgery, the patient has to rest for a long time, because the cut made for surgery is very long, which is very important to heal well, otherwise there may be a wound, or it may be done If the operation is damaged again, after a normal surgery, the patient is suggested to rest for 4 to 6 months, and for 2 – 3 months it is difficult to function at all, of course normal surgery would be more painful. Although you will not feel any pain during the surgery, because the anesthesia is given at that time.

What is Laparoscopy Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a surgery in which three small cuts are made on the body, and through that cut, medical equipment is inserted inside the body to repair the part which has been damaged, laparoscopic surgery is called. Also known as binocular surgery, laparoscopic surgery has the advantage that very small incisions are made on the body, and 1 week after surgery the patient can perform a normal routine of light-level tasks, including more physical activity. Don’t work hard

How much does surgery cost

The cost of surgery is not fixed, but how much money will be spent in your surgery, it depends on what disease you have, or what is the problem for which surgery is to be done because its cost is very different in different situations. Maybe, while a typical surgery starts from ₹ 20000 to 40000, the more complicated the problem, the more the cost can increase, because many surgeries have to be made by a doctor from outside and in this case the cost of that surgery is very high. increases more.

Too scared for surgery?

Surgery is such a procedure that looks very painful, and the person going for the surgery may be very much afraid that what will happen, how will it happen etc. Because you will not have any pain during the surgery, because whenever someone has to have surgery, first of all some medicines are given to him so that the body can be ready for the surgery.

And anesthesia is given before the start of the surgery so that the patient does not feel pain, and after the completion of the surgery, when you will come to your senses, you will definitely have some general pain but this pain will be of that place, on which the cut will be made again. has been cured and the pain will be within a certain range that you can easily tolerate, and you will not have any problem, after the operation you will be given some medicines which will work for your recovery.

In this article you have learned what is surgery and surgery meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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