What is subscribe

Subscription means to subscribe to a company so that we can access that company’s product and its prime service, the biggest examples of subscription are platforms like youtube, netflix and amazon prime.

What is subscription

Subscription is called subscription to access notifications and services of any company or social media sites etc.

What are the types of subscriptions

There are two types of subscriptions, out of which the first is still and the second is paid subscription, with free subscription we can enjoy the free services provided by that company, whereas more services are provided in paid subscription.

what happens if you subscribe on youtube

When any person subscribes to any Roshan, then at that time he gets two options, the first of which is to subscribe only to that YouTube channel, the second is to turn on the notification well of that YouTube channel as well.

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you will see its videos in your subscription tab, and its videos which you can also find on the home page of YouTube, and if you subscribe to its YouTube channel, you will see the notification well. If you also turn it on, then you will start getting notifications of that YouTube channel.

But if a YouTube channel uploads a lot of videos every day, it doesn’t mean that after subscribing to the YouTube channel and turning on its bell icon, you will get notifications of all their videos, rather you will get notifications of very relevant contacts. Will send

In this article you learned what is Subscribe and Subscribe meaning in English We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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