What is subdomain

A new domain name created under a domain name is called a subdomain, this type of domain is mainly used by a company to provide different services, subdomain name with dot followed by its main domain name. is applied.

What is subdomain

Subdomain name is the part of the domain name that is created for the purpose of providing a different service, creating a subdomain is absolutely free, because if a person or company registers a domain name then he gets full rights to this domain name So that the person / company can create any number of subdomain names of that domain name and that too for absolutely free.

Many content management systems also offer the option of creating a free website on a subdomain, the biggest example being blogger.com, which is run by Google.

If a subdomain is created on any domain name, its address will be something like this.

Normal Domain Name – Apsole.com

Subdomain Name – hi.apsole.com

And in the example above, any word can be written in place of hi, and unlimited subdomains can be created.

Why subdomains are used

  • Subdomains are used especially when different services are to be provided by the same company, as those services and their controls are completely separated from the main domain name.
  • Subdomains used to build websites for different countries/languages
  • Using a subdomain name does not involve the cost of purchasing a separate domain name

In this article you have learned what is subdomain and subdomain meaning in english We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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