What is Sitemap, Sitemap meaning in english

A sitemap is a museum of website links that includes all links to that website, and a list of all types of content links provided separately, allowing search engines to read and rank the website’s link and its content. Live easy to do.

What is sitemap

A sitemap is a file protocol and a sitemap contains a list of links to a specific website, and those links are divided into different directories based on categories, a main post, photo, video, etc.

And it depends on which sitemap generator the sitemap is created using, because all sitemap generators work in different way, like xml sitemap generator free version generates sitemap of website’s post link, Which is limited to only 500 pages, the updated date in the sitemap automatically changes when a website post is updated.

Whereas the Yoast plugin of the World Press Contact Management System also includes links to all pages of the website, all posts, categories, tags, etc., in its sitemap, thereby using a separate directory, the Jetpack sitemap uses a separate directory for the website’s posts as well. Images also generate sitemaps.

While these are some computer programs that generate side-by-side for websites, most large websites design their own sitemaps.

The sitemap also contains the date and time the post was updated, which makes the search engine aware of the post update, but the sitemap of the website does not guarantee ranking in the search engines, may be a website without a sitemap Also, get a good rank from a website with a sitemap, because many conditions apply for ranking in search engines.

Helper for users and search engines

Because sitemaps collect a list of website links under a special protocol, and it is helpful to the search engine as well as helpful to the user, because in such a situation, anyone can access the sitemap of a website and its links. Can see the collection of posts, how many posts are there or how many types of posts such as categories, tags, posts, images, pages, etc.

Some websites display links in the sitemap by year and month, while some websites display all the links on a single page, which is quite complicated for the user, and most websites display the pages of the sitemap in small fragments. For example, 10 links on one page or 200 links or 1000 links etc., more than this link is displayed on the next page.

In this article you have learned what is Sitemap and Sitemap meaning in english, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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