What is sim card, SIM full form in english

SIM card is included in the list of some of the top things in the world because without a SIM card what will happen or not, you know well, obviously, the connectivity will completely be closed.

Because the SIM card is necessary, whether it is to call or use the Internet, almost 99 percent of people are familiar with the SIM name, even if they have deep information about the SIM card or not, it does not matter.

What is SIM Card

Full form of SIM – Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module The SIM card is a subscriber module used by telecom companies to identify the customer, the SIM card keeps safe the key and data provided by the telecom company, which authenticates the customer’s ID, and for id authentication, a number is provided by the telecom company.

Which we know in the name of mobile number, the SIM card can collect a lot of information about the phone in which the SIM card is inserted.

And that data can see telecom company, of which company sim card you are using.

The SIM card is mainly used for customer identification and subscription, and you can subscribe to the services of the company provided on that SIM card for which you will have to pay, all company charges may be different. .

By the way, virtual identification can also be done, but internet connection is also required for virtual subscription and identification and you cannot access internet without a SIM card because that telecom company only provides you internet, which you use SIM card.

So, if you want, you can use the vertical subscription identity for some temporary works, but remember it will be only temporary.

If you want, you can search on the internet by typing “vertual mobile number”, you will find many vertual mobile number providers.

Who invented the SIM card and when

The world’s first SIM card was invented by Giesecke & Devrient in 1991 but at that time two types of SIM cards were introduced, one was quite large, the size of the credit card and the other in small size.

And first 300 SIM cards were sold to a Finnish wireless network operator whose name is Radiolinja, since at that time SIMe cards were recently developed then the sim capacity of that time was very low, in which you could save a few contacts and messages.

But no matter because at that time SIM card was invented, it is a very big thing because nothing gets much better at the time of invention, but with the over time improvements in it makes it much better than ever.

And that happened with the sim card, there have been continuous improvements in SIM cards and now you can see today’s improved sim cards.

Size of SIM card

And as far as the size of the SIM card is concerned, you can see its size itself, the first time it was the size of the credit/debit card and today the smallest SIM is available in nano size, most of this time phone has the option available of the nano-SIM card slot.

The size of the first time credit card, and more recently the Mini (standard size) SIM card, since then the size of SIM cards has been reduced twice in a row since the trend of android phones.

Because many android phone manufacturer companies started giving micro SIM card slot in their phones, although in early times many companies used to give standard size SIM card slot but gradually all companies adopted the option of micro SIM card slot.

And at the same time, many companies adopted nano sim card slot, and this time you will get nano-SIM card slot in most phones, and nano + Micro in some phones, now standard SIM card slot from the newly made phone has been removed completely.

What is eSIM

By the way, now the option of eSIM is also available so that you won’t need to enter the SIM card from outside, but it is probably not that effective and the phone with eSIM may not even be liked by people Full form of ESIM is Embedded Subscriber Identity Module.

Yes, eSIM is already installed in phones, but no mobile number is registered on it, it can be registered after purchasing the phone.

And if you want my opinion about eSIM, then I would just like to say that I do not like eSIM card at all because if we use an eSIM card phone then we can neither remove the SIM card nor any other sim card can be inserted in that phone.

And everyone often needs to remove a SIM card or insert another SIM card, so perhaps the demand for eSIM will never increase, and the normal SIM card will remain in demand, although this is my own idea but what you think about this tell us in the comment.

Changes in the phone’s SIM card slot

Once upon a time, we had to open the phone to insert a SIM card in the phone, then we had to remove its battery, then only we could insert the SIM card, but now the SIM card slot is found in the side of the phone, that required a pin to open sim card tray and then we can insert the sim card.

Use of SIM card for Internet

You know very well that today the whole world is connected to each other through the Internet, most of the work is being done through the Internet, most of the things that people do from home through the Internet.

Today, the internet is able to meet almost all kinds of needs, and all this has been possible because everyone is able to access the Internet and in it the main role of the SIM card.

Through the SIM card, telecom companies provide internet for which you have to pay if you want deep information of internet.

But remember that the internet did not start after the invention of the SIM card, but the internet started long before the invention of the SIM card, but in that case, the internet connection could not be accessed by everyone because there was no specific equipment for the connection of the internet at that time.

But along with the invention of SIM card, there were many more technical invention which changed the world of communication.

The SIM card was invented in 1991, and Tim Berners-Lee invented www in 1989, HTTP in 1991, and HTML in 1993, the invention of computer programming language, all three invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

Which also revolutionized the internet world very faster, because it became possible to create a public website after the invention of www, although Tim Berners-Lee contributed to it all because SIM card and internet are completely different, just together. communicated so that the whole world can access the internet

Because as far as internet access is concerned, you can also access the Internet without a SIM card, but if you want to use the Internet without a SIM card, it may be costly to you.

Because for that you will have to take different equipment such as broadband and then you can access the internet through broadband, but if internet service were not provided through the SIM card you can imagine today’s world.

Registered/registration mobile number for all SIM cards

You cannot imagine how many active SIM cards will be in the whole world because almost everyone uses mobile and many people use multiple SIM cards.

A number is provided by the telecom company for each SIM card that we know by the name of the mobile number, and a number cannot have two SIM cards, because if this happens then there would be a lot of problem in identification, but suppose If this was the case, the code might have been statewide or district level rather than countrywide, and the codes would have been compulsory for all calls.

But there is nothing like this because there are country-level codes for mobile calling such as +91 for India, China +86, Germany +49, etc.


This is the best feature of a SIM card because if you do not like the services of that SIM card or have a network problem, then you can buy a SIM card from another company or if you want you can port your number to another telecom.

Can telecom company track activity of Sim card

By the way, the company whose SIM card you use through which you call is called telecom company, but if that company also provides you internet service, then you can also call it ISP because it is providing you internet service, then definitely you will know that telecom company has complete data of your calls and messages.

Even the telecom company can easily track you out, they can find out which phone you’re using. And if you’re using the internet, the ISP company you’re using the SIM card can easily track what you are using through the Internet.

But if you want, you can stop tracking using VPN, your ISP won’t be able to track you on using the internet via VPN, and you will also be able to use programs that are blocked in your country.

What is Prepaid SIM

A prepaid SIM card is a SIM card that you have to recharge first, after that you can use it, almost everyone uses a prepaid SIM card, that is, a prepaid SIM card is like a debit card as much as the balance will be in your Sim card you can use as much.

What is Postpaid SIM

In the postpaid SIM card, you have to pay after use, that is, use it as a credit card first and then pay its bill after the use.

Like prepaid, you will get many plans in postpaid too, and you will not have to pay when the plan is activated and you will have to pay at the end of the plan.

In this article you learned What is Sim card and and full form of SIM in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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