What is search engine

A search engine is a computer program that is present on the Internet, and a search engine crawls and indexes various types of websites and their content on the Internet, for which search engines are only very large algorithms, So that they find out the quality of the content on the Internet, and search engines rank the content of the Internet according to the quality of the accountant in their search results.

Because there are many websites on the Internet, and it can be very difficult for a user to manually visit the website they need, because people have to remember the name of different website, but because of search engine It is not needed at all, because search engines index all the websites on the Internet in their database, and present the content to the user according to the search.

What is search engine

For this, we can take the example of Google, Google is the world’s largest website and also a search engine, if any person uses the Internet, then he first opens Google and searches in it, and the reason is That all the content on the Internet is present in Google.

A normal internet users feels that all the information, articles etc. is in Google, but it is not so, rather Google is a search engine and it crawls the data of different web sites, and stores it in its database and when used. When I search any information in Google, then content from different websites are shown in that search result, the content shown on which the user clicks, automatically reaches that website.

Although Google is the world’s largest search engine, but Google is not the only search engine, but there are many search engines such as bing, yahoo, yandex, aol etc., and Google search engine is used the most, due to which Google itself is being improved day by day, such that it is more easy for the user to search the content.

What is the purpose of search engine

The main purpose of the search engine is to crawl and index the websites and their content on the Internet, so that that content can be presented when the user searches.

What is the world’s largest search engine

Although Google is not the world’s first search engine, but Google has become the world’s largest search engine, and there are many reasons for this, due to which Google has become the world’s largest search engine, and for this immense success of Google. from time to time to develop new services, and improve the Google search engine.

Although Google had become the world’s largest search engine even before the appearance of this smartphone, but after the arrival of the smartphone, Google grew day by day, because the Android operating system belongs to Google and all the companies use the Android operating system. .

Like Vivo Oppo Real Me Redmi etc., and Google keeps all its services pre-installed in its operating system, such as Google, YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, etc. Somewhere it also becomes a big reason for Google’s popular key, Because whenever any person wants to buy an Android smartphone, he gets all these services already installed and that person starts using them.

It is not that Google has made all the services by itself, but most of Google’s services were developed by third parties, which Google bought and operated it in their own way like Android, YouTube, etc., because mobile every person is needed.

Because of which Google provides all the services that a normal user to an entrepreneur may need, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Assistant, Google Domains, Email, Premium Email, YouTube, Contact And so on.

What are the features of search engine

Search console/webmaster tool

Webmaster tool is a tool of search engine through which any person can submit his website to search engine, and with the help of those features, website administrator can control his website in search engine, that his website search engine How to perform

However, no website admin can get his website to rank well in search engines through master tools, because webmaster tools are not used for ranking, but webmaster tools are used to control the website in search engines. is done, and rankings are given by search engines on the basis of their algorithm.

Ownership verification

When any website is submitted to the search engine, it needs verification that the person who submitted that website is the admin of that website, and every new user and new website needs verification in the search engine. For which there are many methods, including HTML tag analytics and DNS codes, etc.

Performance stats

This is an option in which the user can see the performance of his website, how his website or blog is performing in the search engine and how many impressions are being made, how many clicks are being done and what is its CTR , etc. All the things are seen in the performance status, which helps in making the user’s website better.

URL inspection

URL Inspection is an option that allows any website administrator to inspect any young real people of their website in search engines, mainly when that user has a problem related to a link. Because search engines index the links and content of any website according to their algorithm, and if the search engine has not indexed any link on your website, then you can find out with the help of URL inspection tool. Why did this happen, and whether you have indexed that URL in the search engine or not, and when was the last time you crawled it, etc.


The site map is not a part of the search engine, but the site map is made for the search engine itself, so that the information about all the links on the website is easily available to the search engine, because the site contains a map that contains all the links on the website. collection takes place.


The search engine removal option helps the user to remove a specific link of his website from the search engine, because in the normal way search engine indexes all the links and content of any website.

But if a website administrator wants to remove any link of his website from the search engine, then he can submit that link by going to the removal option of the search engine, so that in a few days that link will be removed from the search engine.

But to do this, the user must be verified.

Core web vitals

Core web vitals Assessment is a process through which any link of any website and its quality is known, and it is necessary to rank any link of any website in the search engine, that that website That link is passing the core web vitals, but only the core web vitals is not a factor in the ranking of the search engine, yes, but better core web vitals can prove to be very helpful in getting the website ranked in the search engine.

Mobile usability

Because the number of mobile users in the world is much higher than that of computers, all search engines focus heavily on mobile usability, which means that a website needs to be mobile-friendly, as all search engines want their website to be mobile-friendly. The user should not face any problem in using any website.

Due to which the website is also suggested to be responsive, this means that if a user opens the website in a computer, then that website will be automatically adjusted according to the computer, and if the same website is accessed by any person on mobile. If it opens in, that website will be automatically adjusted according to the mobile.


Enhancements are used to feature special content present in the content of any website.


AMP plays a very important role in page enhancement because AMP pages load faster than normal pages, and also put less load on the website’s server, which benefits both the website’s server and the user, as the user Gets a very fast experience, somewhere the AMP page is also a fact of search engine ranking.


Any search engine, whether it is Google or even Bank or Yandex, etc., any search engine does not handle any website manually, because there are many websites on the Internet and indexing them manually can be very difficult, Because it becomes very difficult to manually take action on the activity on the website, so all the search engines use BOT.

If you want, you can also call them bots or robots, that is, a computer program that is designed on a special algorithm, and it has to work according to the same algorithm, so that the website on the Internet is stored in its database. and rank them.

Bot crawling process

This is a process by which the load on the website increases, that is, the way a person visits a website, in the same way, search engine bots also visit the website and crawl / read their contact, And according to the result obtained after calling the website and its contact, search engines rank its content in their search results.

These are the same content that users search for anything in Google, and by clicking on the search result shown in it, they reach that website, the crawl process of Google or any other search engine is a continuous process, but It is not clear how much of this website and content is being crawled.

The crawling process of the search engine bot is a very strong program, so that the search engines crawl any website according to many facts, so that the server of that website is not down and Google also gets the contact, because if Google bot If any website is crawled more then that website may be down.

manual action

The key and indexing process of Google and all other search engines is bot based, so that the search engines are able to crawl and index the website very easily, and can also determine their ranking, but if a website only targets the search engine. By creating content, which also includes many spamming techniques, then in such a condition the search engines can take manual action.

The result of which may be that if such spamming is found on that website, which is mainly done with the search engine in mind, then the search engine can penalize that website, so that the ranking of that website is down. It may or may be that the website may disappear completely from the search engines.

That’s why it is important for all website owners to focus on improving the content quality of their website and not spamming, because doing so can also increase traffic on the website, while spamming the website completely from Google. can be removed.

However, this happens in a very rare case because in most cases, the crawl boards of all search engines automatically decide which content to rank for, or which content to rank down, which is based on a number of factors. .

What is Search Engine Discover

The Discover feature is primarily part of the Google search engine, and the Discover option displays details of a website’s performance in Google Discovery, which is shown to people without searching, based on their interests.

Which was the world’s first search engine

The world’s first search engine was Archie, which was created in 1990.

Which is the largest search engine in the world

At present, Google is the world’s largest search engine, whereas before the arrival of Google or maybe it was the world’s largest search engine, but Google with its new new strategies and new products as well as the world’s largest search engine and the world’s largest search engine. became the most widely used website

What is the difference between search engine and website

The difference between a website and a search engine is only in its program because computer programming is needed to make all the websites, and to design the website of its need, it needs to be programmed accordingly, and the search engine And the main difference in website is in their functions because both a search engine and website run on web server, which requires computer programming to create.

And the principle of working of both is the same, only the programs developed in them through programming are different, and Google was designed in such a way that it crawls all the websites on the Internet, and Give information to the user by indexing, whereas if we talk about any other website such as social media or blogging website, then it is also from the website itself, but they work differently depending on their programming.

Search engine type

There is no type of search engine because the main purpose of search engine is to provide faster and better quality content to the user, whereas only a few major search engines are capable of doing this, because a big search engine can better itself. The biggest example is Google, while all other search engines may have weak algorithms.

What are the main search engines of the Internet

Here is a list of some of the largest search engines in the world currently in use.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • AOL
  • Yandex
  • Duckduckgo
  • Baidu

Who puts all the information in the search engine

Google is the largest search engine in the world and this question is very common in the mind of a common user, that after all, who puts so much information in Google, so that the answers to all the questions are there, then it is not like that at all, That Google writes all those information or someone writes on Google.

Rather, all the information and content present in Google are written on different websites, which Google stores in its database, and displays them when the user searches according to its special algorithm.

How do search engines make money

The whole world has used the Internet for free, whether you want to use Google or Facebook, Yahoo, Wing, etc., whatever you want to use, you use them for free, but you will be surprised to know that Internet companies are using you. Earn money, for example, you must be using Google every day, you search for some stuff.

Such as computer, mobile, battery or clothes, shoes stories, website hosting, domain, education related questions, job related questions, whatever you search, most of them you are also shown advertisements on the search, Which are shown before the original content, and if the user clicks on those ads shown by the search engine, then the search engine earns income.

In this article you have learned what is search engine, search engine meaning in english We hope this information will prove to be useful for you.

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