What is RADAR, What is the full form of RADAR

You have probably heard about radar many times, then on TV or on social media, as in 2019, Narendra Modi was trolled a lot on radar, then people have very little idea.

Because radar is not an object that can be used by the public, but radar is used to identify an object.

Because radar is such a word, which itself appears to be a full form but radar is an abbreviation.

What is RADAR, What is the full form of RADAR

The full form of RADAR is Radio Detection And Ranging , which is used to identify different types of objects.

Radar is a radio wave based technology, RADAR uses radio waves to locate objects.

Of all the parts of the radar, there are antennas and computers, radar antennas are equipped with such equipment, which serves to identify the object, such as transmitter that transmits radio waves, and receiver catches the returned waves. And further processes are extended which are automated.

And the result can be seen on the computer monitor which is in the control room.

Radar is used to locate ships, fighter aircraft, or other celestial objects, although radar can be used for the identification of ground objects, but it is difficult to get accurate information, because there are many places on Earth. objects are present so radio waves will not be able to travel very far, and the return wave also cannot reach the receiver properly.

The speed of the radio wave is very fast, due to which it does not take much time to locate the objects, but the object is detected in real time only.

Although aircraft fly internally but they go legally and they are registered, but if any unidetified object is caught in any radar, then the government of our country can take legal action on it.

For example, if a country wants to attack another country, then this country will get information about that attack, because the radar system of this country will easily identify that celestial object, and if that country has an anti-missile system. So only in the sky can destroy it

Radars are developed by different types of agencies according to their needs, such as the use of radar at the airport, with this the current position of the aircraft is detected and controlled.

what is the function of radar

The function of radar is to detect different types of celestial objects, due to which it became very easy to detect different celestial objects, and in such a situation, no country can enter another by celestial route without permission.

In an article you learned what is RADAR and RADAR full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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