What is QR code, What is the full form of QR

With the growth of mobile technology, the use of bar codes has also increased a lot, because QR codes are used for many tasks, even you need more application server software, even on websites. The option of qr-code will be available, which is used for different purposes.

Such as for account verification or payment or to store any information, but the most commonly used QR code is currently used for payment, as you will get the option of QR code at all stores, which You can make payments by scanning the QR codes of Paytm, PhonePe, Googlepay etc.

What is QR code

The full form of QR is quick response, that is, fast or very fast work, because through QR code, the process of that QR code can be completed very easily, such as if you have to make a payment. So for this, you have to go to your payment gateway and scan the payment bar code of the person from whom you want to make the payment.

And you will have to pay by entering your amount, and it is a much faster process, whereas in the normal way you have to enter that person’s mobile number or that person’s bank account and other details, and after that you are able to make the payment. .

how qr code works

The process of working of QR codes is based on a url, that is, if you see any qr-code, and you scan it, then that qr code takes you to the url of a website.

Although we cannot see the same URL in the usual way, as all companies aim to provide more speed and ease to users, but companies can also provide option to display URL if they want.

how to generate qr code

Although most QR codes are provided by a company, so that you can use its services easily, and use the security and other features provided by it, you can make your payment, etc. If a person also wants to create his own QR code, then he can make it using online tools.

But first of all it depends on which accountant you want to create QR code, that is, if you have a URL or any website page for which you want to create QR code, then you can use Google Chrome. but it is available only for computer users, mobile users cannot create QR code from their google chrome.

QR code of any web page can be easily created, the biggest example of this is Google Chrome browser, for this you search anything in Google Chrome browser of your computer, whether it is in Google or on any other website and generate QR. Click on the code, the QR code of that page will be generated, and if you want to send a direct link to any person, you can also send it, and if you want, take a screenshot of his barcode or download it and share it But if you send any qr-code to any person then that person cannot reach that url by clicking on his/her QR code instead that person has to scan his/her QR code from another mobile.

how to scan qr code

The QR code is scanned with the camera of the mobile but not with the camera application, rather it depends on which accountant’s QR code you want to scan.

For example, if you want to make a payment to a person, and he has the QR code of Google Pay or PhonePe or Paytm etc., then you can scan it with any payment gateway such as Googlepay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc., and make the payment. For which you have to go inside that application, and go to the scan option and your mobile camera will open, now you have to scan that code and complete the further process.

Or let’s say for example that you want to access your WhatsApp on your computer, then for that you have to go to Google Chrome or any other browser and open web.WhatsApp.com on your computer, and a QR The code will appear, which you will have to scan with your WhatsApp application.

Just go to your whatsapp and click on 3dot link device scan by clicking on it, other than that you don’t have to do anything, and your whatsapp will be working on your computer too.

And if you want to scan any QR code which is based on normal URL, and there is no verification or payment URL in it, then you have to scan it with normal QR code scanner app.

Because some specific QR code can be scanned only by some specific application, and normal QR code can be scanned only with Normal QR code scanner.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

Of course, there are many advantages of QR code, so that we do not need to enter any details in our mobile or other device, rather we can complete our various types of tasks just by scanning its bar code. Huh.

But there is also a need to be careful while scanning the QR code and you have to keep in mind that you should trust whatever QR code you are scanning.

And also make sure that the QR code is not cut off anywhere, otherwise you can access the wrong content, or it may not work, however the QR code to make all the tasks easier But there is also an act of hacking users using QR codes.

That’s why you should only scan the QR code to someone whom you can trust, otherwise you may be cheated, because there may be many QR-codes created by hackers in which any malicious link is included.

What to do if QR code is not being scanned

If you are scanning another key code and it is not working, it may mean that you are scanning a verification QR code, remember if you scan any such QR code. Which is used for verification purposes, such as making a payment or running WhatsApp Web, etc., then you have to scan that specific QR code by the specific application itself, and normal QR code scanner applications will not work in this.

But if the QR code is still not working, it may mean that your phone’s internet connection is down, as internet connection is needed to access any url, and if your internet connection If it’s on then the qr-code you’re scanning may be damaged, or your phone’s camera may not be clear, because if your phone’s camera doesn’t clearly capture its barcode If it is able to do so, the scanning will fail.

what is qr code scanner

There is no need of any specific device to scan any QR code at this time, because smartphone is highly capable, so that one can easily scan any QR code, and the data of that QR code very easily. can access from.

While the earlier version of QR code required a scanner device to scan bar code, which is a separate hardware device specially made for scanning bar codes, which can be used for various types of document/product verification. is used for.

Some big advantages of QR code

  • If you have a shop or you provide any service in which customers pay you, then you should use qr code on your shop so that your customers can pay you online, because many people like to pay online. Online payment proves to be beneficial especially in such a situation when customers do not have cash.
  • If you have any such contact or website etc., on which you want to send direct to your customers, then you can generate QR code of that content, which is absolutely free and when your customers use its barcode. If you scan it, you will reach that service or product, such as your Facebook page or your website or YouTube channel or whatever you embed in this QR code.
  • Because customers can make payments by scanning the QR code of your payment gateway, due to which you will not need to repeatedly tell your payment gateway details to your customers, rather any customer will be able to pay you easily.

login with qr code

Many companies provide features that allow you to login by scanning the QR code, but this requires that you are already logged in to a device, so that you can login by scanning the QR code in any other device. The biggest example of this is WhatsApp Web.

Constantly Changing QR Codes

Most codes are sticky that, once generated, work until they are turned off, but the codes used for verification and login are constantly changing. So that no other person can misuse that QR code.

For example, if you want to log in to WhatsApp Web, you have to go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer, and scan it with your mobile’s WhatsApp, and that QR code will be stored continuously for a few seconds for security purposes. Varies, unless you are logged in.

QR full form in English

The full form of QR is Quick Response, which means to respond to the task immediately, QR code makes the actions of the users more accessible.

who invented qr code

QR code was invented in Japan and now QR code is used all over the world, and at this time there are many sites and applications to generate QR code, using which any person can create their own qr-code. Is.

In this article you learned what is QR code and QR meaning in Hindi, qr full form in hindi We hope that this information will prove to be helpful for you.

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