What is Pubg, Pubg full form in english

PUBG is the most played game in the world, not only children but also young people love to play this game, although PUBG is a very interesting game, there are many disadvantages because of its interesting, although there are some advantages at the same time there are more disadvantages than advantages, so it is better to stay far from PUBG.

About 90% of PUBG players do not know what is the full form of PUBG, so today we will give you basic information about PUBG i.e. what is the PUBG what is the full form of PUBG, this is the first game in the world which is the most popular and it is reason battle and multiplayer facility.

What is pubg

Full form of PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

What is Pubg what is the full form of Pubg

PUBG unknown players have a huge ground where players play this game.

Pubg players

PUBG is available in two versions and there is a big difference in both. PUBG has 100 players in a match who are connected to each other online and all the activity is updated by the server if any single player does any activity, It affects all the players, while playing PUBG, it does not seem that we are playing a game rather it seems a reality.

PUBG team

You can play PUBG teamwise, if you want, you can play by making a team of 2 people or if you want, you can play with a team of 4 people, even you can play alone, if you want to play solo, then you will be landed on battel ground with other solo players, and if you want to play squad PUBG then you will also be landed on the ground with the team and other players will also be with the team.

Landing on battle ground

In PUBG, all the players are sent to the battleground simultaneously and that too without any weapon, the players only have their clothes and nothing else, all the players are taken to the ground through a plan, the plan ground Goes from one end to the other and the player can land wherever he wants on the entire ground.


PUBG has different types of maps that the player can play and select the map in which they want to play PUBG and can play it but before that, the map has to be downloaded, PUBG also has multiple modes which are maps. And there is a different type of battle in it, due to having multiple maps in PUBG, players do not feel boring because they can play PUBG on any mode at any time.

Difference between PUBG Map and mode

There is a lot of difference between the PUBG map and the mode, everything in the map is normal but in the mode, the players are landed on the ground with weapons, and the area is already restricted and can only be played inside that area. After died player got revived automatically because in most modes a limit is set for wins, the team that touches that limit first will be the team winner.

Though payload is also a mode, the payload is different from another mode as it is played on a full map.

Weapons in PUBG

As we have mentioned above that PUBG is a battle game, it is obvious that it will also require weapons, PUBG contains different types of weapons which are in the buildings, which players have to find themselves. All players by choice find a gun and kill other players, these weapons include guns, bows, swords, pan, machine guns, etc.


If the player is damaged, then he can use a bandage, med kit, energy drink, pain killer, etc. to cure his health, if someone’s health is very weak and he does not heal, a bullet can also knock him out or death.


Reviving in Pubg is the best feature of the game because if your friend gets knocked out then team members can revive them and after reviving they can fight as earlier.


In PUBG, the last player becomes the winner, then it does not matter how many players they have killed, only the player who survives till the last will be the winner, That is why people do not battle very openly when the game reached the end because everyone wants to hide themself.

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