What is programing language

Programming language is called computer coding, through which various types of computer programs are created, such as website application software, etc. Computers are made by coding only.

What is programing language

The process of writing computer code is called programming, through which various types of computer programs are created, and programming requires a software engineer or programming language expert, because computer programming can completely code or say That is the formula.

Programming language is used to give command to any computer, because machine understands only programming language, the number of lines of code in a single computer program can be thousands, millions and millions, because The bigger the program, the more code it contains.

For this you can take the example of Facebook, you can open Facebook very easily using the shell, and you will be surprised to know that many researchers say that Facebook has about 62 million+ lines of code.

What are the types of programming languages

Although not all programming languages ​​are used very much, only some top programming languages ​​are used more, such as Java, PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, c++, ruby, javascript etc. But the number of programming languages ​​is very high. , which is around 700, but most of the website applications and software you use are mostly programmed in java, java script, php, python, css, html c++, ruby ​​etc.

what is the difference between program and programming

Writing any computer code is called programming, through which you create an application website or software etc. If you are making example software through this, there will be an example program and writing code for it will be called programming.

how to learn computer programming

Although you can also learn computer programming online but if you do any computer programming related course like BCA MCA etc. If so, your computer programming can give a great result for you.

Because you can very easily work as a computer programmer in the best company, whereas if you do not have a computer diploma, even if you have as much computer programming knowledge as possible, how is a computer programmer for you? It can be difficult to work in the post of K, because all the companies first look at your study to see which courses you have done.

Add to this however the many youtube channels that run online programming classes, and the plethora of websites on which you can learn computer programming, do practicals such as w3school, etc.

And the most important thing in learning computer programming is that you should be interested in learning computer programming, although computer programming is the interesting part, because when computer programs are made, they do something by using different types of code. Some adventure program is made, in which a lot of fun is also there, but writing that code is equally difficult, but if you start enjoying computer programming once, you can become a better computer program.

But no person can become a computer programmer by rote, because in computer programming there is not only one point that you can remember by keeping it, but the whole code is there, and different codes have to be written every day, which They cannot be remembered, but they can also be acted upon by understanding them.

In this article you have learned what is programming and programming meaning in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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